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Review of the Year

     I thought that this year was a smooth 1st semester, I had a few friends and they were nice to me. So I didn’t think much of this y [...]


我覺得我做的好的地方是聽寫,因為我可以快快地寫下的詞語。我也可以快快地記得詞語。我覺得做得不 [...]

Math in 6C

     Math in 6C has been fun because for a lot of the activities we got to draw out a lot of our ideas. It made it really easy to under [...]

Reflection #3 HWEO

How has your learning in LANGUAGE helped you in this unit? I think it helped me write/draw my plan out. It helped me make my plan more clear [...]

Asbury Methodist Social Service Trip Reflection

Q#1: In what ways have you gotten better at this kind of work? A:      I have gotten better at picking items and getting a picture of h [...]

Halloween Party Reflection

Did your activity meet any needs in the classroom community? Or, what was the objective of your activity and why is it important for the Hal [...]

Sharing The Planet – Student Generated Rubric, 2017/2018 Reflection

2017/2018 Reflection         These few days, my class has been finishing off our Sharing The Planet unit. We had to fill in the Stud [...]

Personal Narrative- A Friend In 4th Grade

A Friend In 4th Grade               There was once a school named “CDNIS” located on the middle top of the mountain of Abe [...]

Measuring My Digital Literacy

                    I will mark myself on level 3 in the “Organizing Information” strand because I know how to use and organiz [...]
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