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PBL Project

This photo is from my PBL Project. I took this picture (and more) photos for this project. I chose this piece of work to talk about because [...]

Make-Create-Collaborate Reflection

            Yesterday and today, my class went to the school’s Make-Create-Collaborate. I really enjoyed it, so I would wan [...]

Sentence Fluency

                   I have a kitten, her name is Snowball. She is as white as snow, but she as one black paw. Snowball is also very [...]

Personal Narrative- A Friend In 4th Grade

A Friend In 4th Grade               There was once a school named “CDNIS” located on the middle top of the mountain of Abe [...]

Descriptive Writing

                 The birds are blue. They started to sing their lovely tunes and songs on their dark oak branch. One of them was se [...]

Creative Writing

        I chose this piece to present because I really think this piece of writing was wrote in detail. And it took me a lot of time [...]
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