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PBL Project

This photo is from my PBL Project. I took this picture (and more) photos for this project. I chose this piece of work to talk about because [...]

YA Reflection

Dear Aimi & Kylie, If you’re reading this, hi! I miss you guys a lot, please visit me!  You guys gave me so much hope and confide [...]

G4 Camp Reflection

G4 Camp Reflection             On the 14th of March the whole grade 4 went to Treasure Island to explore and learn. We also camp [...]

Make a MAP on BrainPop “Earth’s Structure”

      I made a map on BrainPop about the video “Earth’s Structure”. So, I basically just started with the textbox that says “Eart [...]

Scratch- sketching LOL

I first did 0 for Y axis and 0 for X axis then I did a L. After, I made a o in -90 Y axis and 90 X axis. The biggest challenge I had is doin [...]
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