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Review of the Year

     I thought that this year was a smooth 1st semester, I had a few friends and they were nice to me. So I didn’t think much of this y [...]

My PYPX Journey

I chose global warming/climate change as my topic because it’s a huge problem in the world. I think I am going to focus on more of Ant [...]

Science Rotations

My favorite science rotation was the baking one because we got to make really delicious cookies. I thought it was interesting that the cooki [...]

HWEO Reflection

1.What does the Central Idea mean to you? I think that the central idea means to be open-minded to different aesthetics of different people. [...]

Adobe Illustrator Lesson #1

What did you like about Adobe Illustrator? I like how there are a lot of different tools and shortcuts that make everything so easy. But t [...]

Sentence Fluency

                       I have five guppies, the fat one is named Pineapple. The normal is named sleepy, the skinny one is named [...]

Personal Narrative- A Friend In 4th Grade

A Friend In 4th Grade               There was once a school named “CDNIS” located on the middle top of the mountain of Abe [...]
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