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我覺得我做的好的地方是聽寫,因為我可以快快地寫下的詞語。我也可以快快地記得詞語。我覺得做得不 [...]

My Grade 6 Goal Setting

This is the link to my grade 6 goal setting: [...]

Math in 6C

     Math in 6C has been fun because for a lot of the activities we got to draw out a lot of our ideas. It made it really easy to under [...]

Science Rotations

My favorite science rotation was the baking one because we got to make really delicious cookies. I thought it was interesting that the cooki [...]


我是劉穎柔,我是一個害羞的孩子。我沒有兄弟姐妹,我和父母一起住。我有很多朋友。我在學校班裏很 [...]

PBL Project

This photo is from my PBL Project. I took this picture (and more) photos for this project. I chose this piece of work to talk about because [...]

Reflection #3 HWEO

How has your learning in LANGUAGE helped you in this unit? I think it helped me write/draw my plan out. It helped me make my plan more clear [...]

HWEO Reflection

1.What does the Central Idea mean to you? I think that the central idea means to be open-minded to different aesthetics of different people. [...]

YA Reflection

Dear Aimi & Kylie, If you’re reading this, hi! I miss you guys a lot, please visit me!  You guys gave me so much hope and confide [...]
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