HWEO Reflection

1.What does the Central Idea mean to you?

I think that the central idea means to be open-minded to different aesthetics of different people. Fashion and art has been a big quality in my life, and I think that fashion and art can be developed more throughout the future.

2.Think of the key concept FORM. Explain how FORM influenced how you designed and what you designed.

I had to use a strong base to start the whole “big” idea. ANd since the pom-poms were kinda heavy, and I didn’t know how to do that. So, I asked my team for ideas. They suggested that I get a bag that was made with a thick fabric, and it worked out!


3.Think of the key concept PERSPECTIVE. Explain how PERSPECTIVE influenced how you designed and what you designed.

From my teammates perspective, they think that it’s really pretty and perfect. But I think that I could do a lot of good changes in the bag, because I think it’s important to display your best work to others and not to display something random.

4.Think of the key concept CONNECTION. Explain how CONNECTION influenced how you designed and what you designed.

I think that my group’s theme really connects to the outdoor world because our theme is nature in the future, and the nature right now is already developing itself. Now scientists are inventing more types of flowers and leaves to make our world a more beautiful place to live in.

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