YA Reflection

Dear Aimi & Kylie,

If you’re reading this, hi! I miss you guys a lot, please visit me!  You guys gave me so much hope and confidence. Before I wouldn’t say a word in class, because I was so shy! Now I would have the confidence to step up to the challenge.

You guys and the other YAs inspired me to be a more confident person. ^~^! I now think that I think that I can be a better person. Because my whole life has been just mostly me, the little shy person who never steps up to the challenge. But now look! Me making friends and being happy. I would’ve never imagined me hanging out with YAs because I didn’t think much of this whole YA workshop.

The performance was amazing! I thought I would never be confident enough to be in this kind of upbeat and fast performance. We all totally rocked it out!

Thank you for everything,


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    I miss them very much too!!!!

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