Asbury Methodist Social Service Trip Reflection

Q#1: In what ways have you gotten better at this kind of work?

A:      I have gotten better at picking items and getting a picture of how different people live differently, and what items do people originally need. I have also got better at my communication skills when communicating with others and leadership ship skills is also a big improvement today.


Q#2: Did you meet your standers?

A:      Yes we did because we spent all our money wisely. Not only that we also got everything we needed for the family. 🙂Success!


Q#3: What grade would you give it? Why?

A:      I would give it a 4 out of 5 because I thought we did a pretty good job of the buying useful products for the family who lived the subdivided homes at Tsuen Wan. I wouldn’t give it a perfect 5 since we didn’t do it perfectly,  but we still did a great job of this task.


Q#4: What things that would you like more help with?

A:      I thought we needed help with the money we only had because our budget was very low, so maybe next time the parents could also help with the $money$. Since the families would think this unfair that one family gets the most and one family gets the least so maybe we could kindly ask the parents to donate a certain amount of $money$.

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