Halloween Party Reflection

Did your activity meet any needs in the classroom community? Or, what was the objective of your activity and why is it important for the Halloween Party?


    The room would be very plain if there were no decorations and a majority of students would have nothing to do. It also adds a finishing touch to room makes look a little fancier. It was also a chance to use your creativity to decorate the classroom.


Were roles important to being successful in your group/activity? What were the roles and responsibilities of your group?



  1. A person in charge of the spider webs

   2)A person to overall help everyone

   3)A person to decorate the door

And the roles were very successful.


List some examples where your group/activity worked effectively:

  • When we were brainstorming some ideas for the decorations (co-operation)
  • We listened to each other when sharing their ideas
  • We brought everything on time


List some examples where you wished your group/activity worked more effectively:

  • Accepting others ideas more politely (open-minded)
  • Committed to the job/responsibility


On the scale from 1-5, how would you rate your interactions between group members, the classroom community, and achieving a successful Halloween activity?

    4, because we got most of the things done and we co-operated well.

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