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Robotics X- Mas Robot

Today, in class I worked on a Christmas robot with a partner with my choice.


             What went well is that I worked with a partner that was one of my friends, and also we knew different things so we could help each other. It’s called “Cooperation”. She knew music and I knew coding. Because together we have to make a singing & dancing robot in the time given. So, we had to work fast!


             But there were also some challenges like finding the right tone of the note and degrees, or finding out how many times we have to repeat the code so we don’t have to make the code over and over and over…………again. The biggest challenge was the challenge I mention the first, finding out the right degrees and note for the music. But, we still got it at last.


           So, we basically just used a programme called “mBot” that has a lot you can explore. We started out with flashing LED light on the mCore. And since it was Christmas, we used red and green LEDs. then, we did the Jingle Bells song but in a more speedy and short version. Then, we tried to make the robot wiggle. But, before it the LED light would flash again. And that was what we did so far.

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