🌊Young Americans Reflection 🌊

The “Young Americans” are a tour group that puts on a show with kids from all around the world at different schools. I liked the [...]

2019 聖誕節假期

這個假期我去了台北,我和我的家人去了很多不同好玩的地方。我覺得最好玩的地方時這個科學館,裡面 [...]

Ignite Talk

I think my ignite speech went ok, I do think that I could improve on some things but overall I think it went pretty well considering I’ [...]

Review of the Year

     I thought that this year was a smooth 1st semester, I had a few friends and they were nice to me. So I didn’t think much of this y [...]

Art Project Reflection

Yesterday in art class we did a project where you would have to bring or make more than 10 items to present to 3rd graders. I think I did a [...]

PA Blues Song Reflection

I felt that our Blues Bass Line was on time, and it was clear. And I think that our lyrics made sense and connected to the topic. But, we di [...]


醜:我覺得小玲心裏很醜因為她每天都會欺負大家,另到大家都很傷心。 暖烘烘:聖誕節時,我、媽媽和 [...]

My PYPX Journey

I chose global warming/climate change as my topic because it’s a huge problem in the world. I think I am going to focus on more of Ant [...]


我覺得我做的好的地方是聽寫,因為我可以快快地寫下的詞語。我也可以快快地記得詞語。我覺得做得不 [...]

My Grade 6 Goal Setting

This is the link to my grade 6 goal setting: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UTRkfS3kKk6vrJ5h5b1mccXZ8C01ghy5dIXy2HCVpds/edit?usp=shari [...]
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