Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

In performing arts we learnt about the blues. After several weeks of exploration, we wrote our own blues pattern and lyrics! The Blues is a style of music that tells stories and expresses emotions.

Other characteristics include patterns and lyrics! We had a bit of the baseline. Also the lyrics but not much. I don’t think we had any improvisation. Not much went that well because we had to stop. I think we would need to improve everything because we had to stop. I would probably change everything besides the lyrics.

I think we respected each other because we both came up with everything together. First, we thought of the lyrics that would fit the music then we practised it. lastly, we presented it. But that didn’t go as planned, If you watch the video you will understand.

we tried to be the most creative as we could. I really enjoyed this project I would love to do it again. Also, it was a really great learning experience. Click here to watch the video 

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