Last post in 5E

5E one of the best classes ever. I enjoyed my year learning new things and meeting new friends. I had times that my emotions were not feeling that well but the classmates I have will cheer me as always. 5E is such a friendly classroom.

Throughout the year I experienced a lot, even though I did not go to camp but my teacher and friends shared their feeling and felt the way that they loved camp.


Last but not least 5E is 100% the best class ever. GOODBYE 5E

HTWW update

In our (HOW THE WORLD WORKS) unit we are learning about different things related to science, our central idea is (Through experiment new understandings are developed) for example static electricity. The things that I like the most is breaking down the electronic gadget and discovering the inside. I can’t believe that  the motherboard for a huge iron is as tiny as a block of scholastic eraser. After getting the small things apart we made a battleship structure.


We also had app coding, it is one of the best thing ever. I started off with a piece of planning sheet, and the title is Static Electricity. I decided to introduce and teach others the experiment Water Bender.I remember the last time we tried it, nothing even happened, so I was wondering if I created an app and let every single person to try it – will they succeed?


Also I am learning a lot of new facts for example: Atoms are even smaller than a sharpened pencil tip, and atoms is pretty much everywhere. After hearing all these facts my mind was literally bombed. Well at last I really enjoy this unit !

Where we are in place and time

I used to think that Egyptians were wild and all they knew was how to mummify people and build pyramids. I had the impression that Egyptians were mysterious and magical people who did not create a lot of concrete inventions. Now, I know that the Egyptians invented eye drops made out of human brains and toothpaste that is made out of mint and paste. I learned so many things about Egyptians and their historical background during this unit!


The big takeaways I have are from my personal inquiry about how the Qin Dynasty had influence modern China. While I was researching about the Qin dynasty, I realized that the interesting history lasted only for 15 years. If I had a chance to change it, I would extend the Qin dynasty and allow it to last forever so that we can discover the world even deeper. Scholars and inventors in the Qin dynasty were very intelligent and wise, and I would like to learn more about history from them.











2019年3月18日                                         保蛋活動              多雲  



Design Project

This month our grade student all had to be in groups and design a fashion project. This project is mostly related to futurism. I worked with Flora and Hing Wan. We’ve made mask , crown , wings , laser cut stars. When we were making the mask, first we decided to paint the mask blue and gold but than we realize that it doesn’t match the others so we trimmned the top and the bottom than we added in glitter.

For the  wings we just have to cut it out and paint it with paint and glitter. At last I really enjoy this period of time.


3 way learning review reflection

During the three way learning review I was really shy but I still talked quietly to Ms Winnie

I also felt uncomfortable this is a really hard thing for me because it is hard to face my mom and the teacher at the same time.

I know that my mom wish that I can read more books to build up my vocabulary.She also wished that I can use reading to improve my sentence fluency/grammar and writing. I think Ms winnie wish that I can write a small diary at home each day to get better at  writing.She also wish that I can focus on my editing at class so there will be no mistake.

Now I think I can have a reading goal like each time I finish a book I can have one paper stripe and I can keep building up until I make a paper chain.

YA’s Reflection

During this 2 day workshop I really like the starting dance because it really did cheer me up a lot. The second thing I really like is when we were writing the songs and our song was about a dragon that saw a butterfly baking bacon with dora the explorer beside it. The last thing I like is the Lion King dance the Lion King dance is a dance that we did in the performance this dance is really wild and it just seem like we were in the jungle.Out of all these things we did my favourite was the making up your own song the song didn’t make a lot of sense but everyone enjoyed it , we giggled and laugh, I think this the way I really will like if it was always part of my life.

This is workshop changed me almost completely ,before this happened I always tell myself you will have to be confident but my goal never worked even on the first day of this workshop I didn’t like it. I am so shy that I think having a solo is just creepy. On the second day I swung my arm and stomped my feet than I realise that I changed I totally changed I am so happy. After this, which is now the most important thing of all is to be who I am.