Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

In performing arts we are working on creating a piece of blues music. The blues is a style of music that tells a story and expresses emotion. Three things we had to include in a blues piece in blues bass line, blues lyrics songs and improvisation (vocal, instrumental, physical). Click here to watch mine. Click here to see my planning.

The most challenging part of it was getting the melody/noodling and the bass line to match because if one of the notes did not match it will sound wrong to the audience. Also sometimes changes of notes can change the meaning or mood of the music.

I  enjoyed this project because I get to spend time with my friends, Also I learned a lot of new things. The thing that I most enjoyed is when we performed the music because at that moment I realized that all of the efforts we put in became the success that day we performed to the class.

The process was fun and challenging, first, we gathered up and chose the mood we wanted to express and it is stress.  Then we wrote the lyrics that match the mood. last we added in the improvisation (instrumental/noodling).

Last if I would have to do it again, I will create a clear beginning and end so my piece of music sounds complete.





My Goal setting


Use this framework to create your goals. When you’re done, write a blog post about your goals. It should be 3-4 paragraphs (introduction, details for each goal, and a conclusion)

Goal  Goal 
S- Specific 

What is your goal?

My goal through this year is being confident in communicating, and presentation in front of others. My second goal this year is to be independent on worksheets and on managing my time.
M – Measurable

How will you know you have reached your goal?

To find out if I have reached my goal is easy. I hope that when I am talking to a teacher or presenting my work to others, I am able to not figure my fingers or feel nervous. I am able to know that I achieved my goal, by finishing my home learning before Friday(always). Also I want to complete my 40 book challenge within going over my own goal. (time)


A – Attainable

Is your goal reasonable and how will you achieve it? Explain

I think I have a reasonable goal because being confident is really important and it is a long process enable to achieve this goal. I think I can Participate actively in class and answer questions when needed also I should be a risk taker in class. I believe that my goal is reasonable because I can use the skill independence can last with me for a long time. The way I’m going to achieve this goal is to work on things myself and writing a time schedule for me to not lose control of my work and timing on each work.
R – Relevant

How is your goal relevant to your learning in Grade 6?

My goal is relevant to my learning because I need to be confident enable to show my work during PYPX. My goal is relevant to my learning because when I get older there would be a lot of individual work, to successfully complete it I need to be independent and have a great time managing skills.
T – Time

When will you reach your goal by?

I would like to reach my goal by the end of PYPX. I would like to reach my goal  at the end of this year so I can be ready for upper school


Algebra is a new part of math for me. I think it is really challenging but also fun. The numbers are like puzzles, they sometimes work together and sometimes they get naughty and don’t work together. For me algebra is like one of the hardest thing on earth I never get how to move y or x to the right side. But throughout this year I believe that I can improve on the math skills that I am not comfortable with. This is how i feel about math and my understanding of what we are learning so far.








Writing is definitely not my favourite thing to do but I would always like to improve, on my writing through this year. Flashing back to the beginning of this year, it was just about three month ago and I found out that my writing skills didn’t improve that much, before I started reading well I can say that the time that I started to see reading as one of my hobbies is around 3 days ago and that was not along time but in this three days I’ve finished more than 2 books two be able to follow how far the teacher would like me to be at. Just because of all this, I improved on my weekly writing that has been assigned to me on Monday.  Also I was proud of my self after writing the informational writing HW, not because I improve on writing more and in details, it’s because I realized that the more effort that is put in to my work and other things the better I could be at stuff. This is what I learned the most through this three month journey in writing and other subject that supported me on getting better in writing.

Goal Setting

Throughout the year my top achievements are going to be : Be confident; actively participate in activities and in class I should be a risk-taker. My other goals are improving on my writing, which includes grammar mistakes and always remember to revise my task. In addition I would like to organize my time better enable to accomplish my work in time.  The last goal I have is to be responsible to my own belongings and public materials from all around. These are the goals that I would like to accomplish through this year.


Last post in 5E

5E one of the best classes ever. I enjoyed my year learning new things and meeting new friends. I had times that my emotions were not feeling that well but the classmates I have will cheer me as always. 5E is such a friendly classroom.

Throughout the year I experienced a lot, even though I did not go to camp but my teacher and friends shared their feeling and felt the way that they loved camp.


Last but not least 5E is 100% the best class ever. GOODBYE 5E

HTWW update

In our (HOW THE WORLD WORKS) unit we are learning about different things related to science, our central idea is (Through experiment new understandings are developed) for example static electricity. The things that I like the most is breaking down the electronic gadget and discovering the inside. I can’t believe that  the motherboard for a huge iron is as tiny as a block of scholastic eraser. After getting the small things apart we made a battleship structure.


We also had app coding, it is one of the best thing ever. I started off with a piece of planning sheet, and the title is Static Electricity. I decided to introduce and teach others the experiment Water Bender.I remember the last time we tried it, nothing even happened, so I was wondering if I created an app and let every single person to try it – will they succeed?


Also I am learning a lot of new facts for example: Atoms are even smaller than a sharpened pencil tip, and atoms is pretty much everywhere. After hearing all these facts my mind was literally bombed. Well at last I really enjoy this unit !

Where we are in place and time

I used to think that Egyptians were wild and all they knew was how to mummify people and build pyramids. I had the impression that Egyptians were mysterious and magical people who did not create a lot of concrete inventions. Now, I know that the Egyptians invented eye drops made out of human brains and toothpaste that is made out of mint and paste. I learned so many things about Egyptians and their historical background during this unit!


The big takeaways I have are from my personal inquiry about how the Qin Dynasty had influence modern China. While I was researching about the Qin dynasty, I realized that the interesting history lasted only for 15 years. If I had a chance to change it, I would extend the Qin dynasty and allow it to last forever so that we can discover the world even deeper. Scholars and inventors in the Qin dynasty were very intelligent and wise, and I would like to learn more about history from them.