Weekend Review

Hi guys, I am back with another blog post. Sorry I haven’t post for a month, but we have been very busy lately in class… so today I’m going to tell about my weekend.

So for my weekend I stayed in HK, the main thing that I did is I went on a trip with my best friend to Tai O to look at surroundings and to gather with more friends. There was an organization that helps the village with earning money to help improve their houses. I wanted to help donated, me and my friends saw their houses and wanted to help them so we donated to them.
So that is it for my blog post, hope you enjoy, BYE!! 🙂

Weekly Review – Mostly About Our UOI Project

Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t blog for a long time, I have been very busy. Well this blog post is mostly about the UOI project/writing.

Well basically our class have start piece of writing/text on our computer with a partner. My partner is Sophie.We wrote a report on the Arctic Tundra. Our Central Idea is ‘Human behaviour affects the balance of ecosystems’.

Our Steps:

1: Choose a partner and ecosystem

2: Write questions on cards

3: Research with your partner on your ecosystem

4: Write answers on cards

5: Make sub headings for you research on a piece of paper

6: Put the information on a google doc with sub headings

So that is what we recently did for UOI, thanks for reading, bye!

Weekly Reveiw

Hi guys! Today I am going to talk to you about this week. I hope you like it!


This Monday we had Chinese first thing in the morning like every Monday. Which is not one of the things I like to have in the morning. The rest of the day was normal.


On Tuesday we start with a normal day, but at the end of the day we had our spotlight about Star Wars! It went great.


On Wednesdays we had a quick math meeting. Then we had recess followed by Chinese. After that we had a normal day like usual.


Then on Thursday, we have PE like every Thursday. You probably know that. Then we had Chinese at the end of the day. Thursday was pretty normal.


On Friday we start the day with coding on our computers. Every other Friday we have coding Fridays like buddies. Coding Fridays is when we code and play on Scratch. To tell the truth, I usually play instead of coding. At the end of the day we watch 3D’s assembly. We had a great day


Thanks for reading my blog post. Bye!

First Week with Ms. Laura

Hi guys! I went on holiday so I haven’t blog for a long time but for this post it will be about my first week with our new teacher, Ms. Laura.


We started our second term on Tuesday so I am wrote about my week starting on Tuesday.


On Tuesday, we I was more tired than usual because I had jetlag since I went to Vancouver. I was happy to see my friends and classmate. After recess we had one period of Chinese. The rest of the day was pretty normal. At the end of the day we had two periods of PA which stands for Performing Arts.


On Wednesday, we start the day with math meeting which is something that Ms. Laura introduce to us. Math Meeting is doing math problems with our math group. Then we have Chinese after recess again but this time two periods. The rest of the day was pretty normal.


On Thursday, we start the day with a period of PE. At the end of the day we had a period of Chinese.


On Friday we had a normal day, similar to Tuesday. After one period after lunch we had PE.


So that’s all we did in our first week with Ms. Laura, Bye!