How Did The Japanese Occupation Impact The Future

In this post, it is about the 4 grade field trip to the HK history museum. We each have groups. In my group there are Victoria and Alysha. Our main focus is the Japanese occupation. The Japanese occupation is when the Japanese take over Hong Kong for 3 years and 8 months. The Japanese occupation started at December 25th, 1941 and it ended at August 5th, 1945.

We find out that soldiers are over HK. In 1938 Guangzhou fell into the hands of the Japanese so the Japanese went to HK and hey came under direct threat. Sir Mark Young surrendered to Japan because the defenders attempted several times to launch counter-attacks, but failed. The Japanese fight Sir Mark Young because Hk reject the Japanese demands for HK surrender. To help HK, the united states dropped an atomic bomb and Japanese went back to Japan. When the HK surrender, the HK people was treated unfairly. The Japanese made a lot of changes to HK. When the HK have to get food it was hard for them and they have to pay for themselves.

That is mostly what I learn. I hope you enjoy my post. Bye!

3 Way Learning Review


Our responsibilities, as a parent , a teacher and a student is to guide, listen, understand, ask questions, add  on, paraphrase, take notes ,  think, and plan.


When we guide, we lead them through the three way learning review and lead the topic that we are talking about.


If we listen we can hear each other and it means that are concentrating and you know what each other is saying.


Why do you need to think? You need to think because if you explain something but it doesn’t make sense then your parents won’t understand .


You should ask question because they help you understand more. When you don’t understand questions help because the teacher will explain again.


Why do you need to paraphrase? You should paraphrase because if your parents don’t understand then you can explain more to them.


Why should you take notes? You should take notes because if you are forgetful you will forget things but if you write it in a note then you can read it if you forget.


You should add on because if we say something and you have else related to that, we would all  like to hear it.


We should plan because sometimes when we say something, we don’t know what to say.

The End !!!