Hi guys, This post is about PE on Thursday. I choose to write about PE because I love PE. You might know that if you know me well.


In PE, we start with a warm-up game. Our PE lesson was in the field. We first split into groups and we line up each other and form a tunnel with our legs. The first person in the line rolls a ball to the end of the tunnel. The last person catches the ball and run to the end of the field and run back. The person stands in front of the tunnel and repeat.


That was not our actual game, next we played a game and I don’t know the name of game. To play it, our class find a area to start with. The game is about throwing balls to people. We are out if we don’t catch the ball that is thrown near us or of we don’t throw properly. We sit down if we are out, at the end there will only be one person standing. There are four balls, the first one is a ball that we has to caught and thrown with our left hand. The second ball can only be thrown and caught with our right hand. The third one is the ball that has to be caught or thrown with both hands, the last ball can be caught or throw anyway you like.


That is it for my PE blog post. I hope you enjoy, Bye!