Karis’ Introduction

Welcome to my blog. My name is Karis and I am in 4E. My teacher is Mr. Adams. In my first few weeks I learned lots of new things and I really like fourth grade. My favourite subject is PE and PA. PA is short for performing arts. We are learning recorder in PA. But my favourite thing I like to do so far is read aloud, sketch noting, and using my computer. I love reading and it is more fun when we read as a class and share our ideas, I like sketch noting because I like to write and draw but I do not like to write and draw alone, I like computers because I never had a computer.

On last Friday we had buddies with the Prep E. Our mountain lions got to take the the Prep E mountains lion on the tour around the school. I like buddies because I get to teach younger students, my brother is in Prep E, and they are very fun to work with. Last Wednesday we build our robots. This Wednesday we program them. I like robots because they are fun to build. I had never build a robot before so it was cool.

In 4E we have class jobs. This week my job is the conductor. The conductor write things down. In class we each work on a board. Rhea, Alysha, Sierra is in my group. We are working on the UOI board. I have a new friend called Sophie. We are both new to Canadian International School. That is all I have to say, bye!