Hi! Today in math, we used a site called Math Playground. We made patterns using shapes such as triangles and square.

The first pattern that I made is right here: This is a ABA pattern. I used trapezoids and triangles to make it.

The second one that I made is this one: This is a ABAA pattern. This one includes triangles and squares. 

So that’s it for this post, hope you enjoyed and BYE!!! 🙂


Hi! This blog post is about our math class today which was about patterns.

First, we saw different types of patterns on the board; we had to find out what kind of pattern is it and the core of it. Then we had some practices of us making some patterns, after that we had to make our own. My partner was Sophie, we made two patterns that are in the pictures down below. 👇🏻 One of them is a growing pattern, and the other one is a AB pattern.

That’s it for today’s post, BYE!


Math Test Reflection : Unit 4 Decimals

On the first of October, we had a math test about decimals. This time I think I did pretty well, since I got quite a lot of the questions correct. At first I was really worried that I wouldn’t do good, but at the end, I think I did really well. As Mr. Roberts also said, I am ready for challenges. For me, I would say the comparison of decimals are the easiest; and the word problems are the hardest just because sometimes they were really confusing, but I glad to get them correct at the end.