Home Learning-Reading

This week I am reading a chapter book that is called The Mystery Series, Volume 2. The main characters in the story are the Five Find-Outers which are a group of kids that are name Larry, Pip, Bets, Daisy, and Fatty. They solve mysteries when the police officer Mr. Goon try to stop them and solve them first to impress people like the inspector.

The Five Find-Outers are the main characters because the book is on their side of view, and not someone else’s, it is about them and they are the ones that are introduced first in the story.

A Story From A Candy Perspective

Hello, my name skittles. Today is my favourite holiday, it is Halloween! Every Halloween I survived from being eaten by the kids. Last year I jump out of the kid’s basket and jump to the supermarket shelve where the skittles was stored.

This year I am excited again. I can see lots of people dress up and picking different candies. They got all my friends that were in front of me and then a giant hand came and grab me. I wasn’t even surprised, it happen to me every year. This year I got grab by a girl with a princess costume. Last year it was a witch. And then I got scan by the thing that flash the me with the red light.

After I got carried out of the supermarket I got thrown in the car and I got swash by the other candies. “Hey skittles”, the M&M said “how many times you got almost eaten by the humans?” “About every year” I answered. “Why are you asking me?”  I said. Then the car stopped and I got carried out of the car and the humans put me and some candy in a pot and the rest of the candy that can’t fit in the pot, they dump in a jar. They close the lids I can’t escape. We stay there until it got dark. The little girl went out with her friends to go trick or treating. Her parents stay at home so they could give out the candies including me. Then people came and I dive in the bottom of the pot and hide so I won’t be seen. It was almost a hour until me and some candy were left. A pack M&M, three marshmallows, two packs of chocolate and I was brought to the front door and given to some witches and three kids that was in a dragon suit that needs all of them to fit in. I was pass to the kids and the put me there Halloween. I found lots of other candy trap inside. The kids start walking up down the street, and went to another house and got some other candy and put them on me. I was squashed. They went to other houses and did the same thing.

At last, it was late and they went home. While they are walking, I swim up to the top and crawl out and instead of going back to the supermarket, I choose to hide. So I won’t be eaten next year. I found a tree  with a hole in it that I can reach. I jump in it and there was a squirrel. He wasn’t happy that I was living with him and he moved to another hole. So it left me alone in the hole. Nobody can find me there so I stayed there. I brought some furniture and I lived there forever. Bye! See you next time!

Home Learning-Stand Alone Math


You have some counters.

You put them into groups of three, and there is one counter left over. If you put the same  counters into groups of four, there are three counters left over.

A) How many counters could you have?       19, 31, 43, 55

B) How many different ways can you find to do this?     One way I solve it is by adding 12

C) How many counters might you have had if the total number of counters was more than 50?           55, 67, 79, 91, 103. It could go on forever.