Grade 6 Camp

It’s been a long time (again) but a lot has happened over the past 2 months. We had camp, our class assembly, dance, and much more. As you probably already know, today I’m going to focus on Camp. We traveled all the way to Sai Kung for Outward Bound. Since we’re in grade 6th now, we stayed for 4 days 3 nights. November 27 to November 30th. We had around 10 people in each group, my group was originally named Blyth, but then was changed to Hot Guac. 😄

My favorite part has to be the Jetty Jump, it was scary at first but was so fun once I jumped. When we got up to where we had to basically plunge into the freezing water, we realized how high it actually was. We all encouraged each other and the whole group ends up doing it! I thought this activity was great for people to overcome their fears. Our instructors didn’t push us to do it but respected our choices. The Jetty was such a fun and great experience! 🙃

Besides the Jetty Jump, we did a lot of team activities and games where we had to help one another to complete it. We did LOTS of teamwork stuff like cleaning camp materials as well. The first night, our group was supposed to be camping outside in our tents. When we got to our campsite, it started drizzling. It wasn’t heavy so we continued with our jobs; but after a while, light rain turned to huge gray clouds and POURING rain. 🌧️ We ended up still eating dinner there but under a tent cover. The rain didn’t stop by the time dinner was done, so the best decision was to go back to base and sleep in the main hall. (On the FLOORS by the way – it sounds bad but turns out to be ok) Of course, when we left the campsite the rain stopped. It seemed like a disaster but the night was still fun. Most of the girls ended up staying up cause we couldn’t sleep, including me. Thankfully, the next night in tents was much better. 😊

Outward Bound is a considerable camp for people to overcome their uneasiness about certain activities and for people to get bond with other students (humans if you’re not a student) that they never talk to in hallways and school. This camp teaches you to be responsible and independent. In our group, we all got a chance to cook, set up tents, and carry heavy bags while hiking. 😅 Of course, being more confident and responsible is the whole point of camp!

I would say this year might be the best one out of all the years, each year’s camps had their own special elements which make camp fun! Before camp I was sure it would be horrible, hiking for 4758237858 hours, sleeping in tents with bugs, and horrible tent mates. It ended up being the opposite! I understand why 6th graders last year liked camp so much. Outward Bound has to be one of my highlights since grade 6 started. 😁