Exhibition (UOI)

Hi and welcome! This is my first post back from winter break and in the new year – 2019! Before the break, we had two weeks for our exhibition. This year, our transdisciplinary theme for our exhibition was WWA, aka who we are. In those two weeks before the break, our goal was to have our idea/topic approved from our judges. Mine was DIY/crafts and homeless animals, we had to connect our passion(s) and our issue; so I’m going to make DIYs (toys and treats) for stray dogs in Hong Kong to be specific. Mine is basically, “exploring art and DIYs to spread awareness about homeless dogs in Hong Kong.”

Some of my main key concepts are change, perspective, and responsibility. I chose those three as my main concepts because change, this exhibition is to help take action and inspire our community with our passion and interest. Responsibility because it is our environment that we have to take care of and everyone should be helping, perspective mainly because we have to take opinions from everyone (what they think about stray dogs) so we can collect data and make our exhibition more successful. Some related concepts are opinion, role, system, impact, rights.

We just started on researching so we aren’t that deep into our topics yet. We thought of key and related concepts, our lines of inquiry, and of course our topic and interest. I hope my next exhibition post I will come back with more information; so that’s around it, thanks for reading this far and byeeee 🙂