Hi everybody! If you haven’t notice, I have not been posting for a while; that is because we went to camp! We’ve been at camp for 3 days 2 nights, October 11th – October 13th. The camp that we went to was called Asia Pacific Adventures ( APA ).

On October 11th, I was super excited to go to camp. As I arrived at school my excitement faded away as I carry my big bag up the stairs and into crowded classroom.

Soon we left the school and arrived at Tai Tam! Once we reach the camp, we got introduced to our facilitators. Everyone got Later on after lunch was kayaking. Since I never kayak before I was nervous but also eager to learn. I was even more shaky when I got into the kayak, when I started to paddle away I felt relieved that people were around me was experiencing the same thing and could help me if I needed it. Afterwards, I realized it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Next activity was raft building with pier jumping. Considering that we had so much fun last year building our raft, I thought this year was going to be as fun. Eventually,our group finished our raft, we split into groups and tested out the raft. I got really excited as I watched the first group paddle away and have so much fun. After our turn, we broke our raft and went pier jumping! At first I was super afraid of jumping into the water, soon I knew I had nothing to worry about because the facilitators were there to help.

On the first night 1-6 was sleeping in the dorms. In each dorm there is 4 bunk beds which equals to 8 beds, so in each dorm it can fit 8 people. I used to think that I was going to sleep more in the dorms than tents, but after the second night I realized I was wrong. Even though I thought I was by the sun in the tents, I sleep straight from lights out to the morning.

What I thought I could do better next time having a more positive attitudes. Since it was super hot and people were talking instead of listening, I got really bored and little bit mad; so I think I should keep positive and enjoy being at camp while I there. Also I think I could improve on concentrating and listening to facilitators instead of looking around, playing with grass, and day dreaming. I used to think that camp was only for fun, now I know we are learning so much stuff useful for our futures.

So that’s it for my camp blog post, I hope you enjoy it, Bye!!! 🙂



Hi guys! I am really excited to write about CAMP!!! Last Wednesday grade 4 went camping, going camping is really exciting for me becauIMG_1349se I have never camp before. Ok so let’s get on with the blog post.

So as I said, grade 4 went camping at Lantau Island, Pui o beach. The camp was lead by the organisation called Treasure Island. The campsite was really near the beach. We stayed there for 3 days & 2 nights. I am not going to go detailed on what we did at camp, I am running out of time in class but if you want you could check out the rest of the class’ blog posts.

My favourite activity was raft building, we really had to cooperate with our team. It was really fun to build a raft a sail it with out team. I learned to be more involve in the activities and to think more about others. I can use this to ask more question and answer questions. My target is to listen more to instructions.

Thanks for reading my blog post, bye!IMG_1373 (3)

Weekly Review – Mostly About Our UOI Project

Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t blog for a long time, I have been very busy. Well this blog post is mostly about the UOI project/writing.

Well basically our class have start piece of writing/text on our computer with a partner. My partner is Sophie.We wrote a report on the Arctic Tundra. Our Central Idea is ‘Human behaviour affects the balance of ecosystems’.

Our Steps:

1: Choose a partner and ecosystem

2: Write questions on cards

3: Research with your partner on your ecosystem

4: Write answers on cards

5: Make sub headings for you research on a piece of paper

6: Put the information on a google doc with sub headings

So that is what we recently did for UOI, thanks for reading, bye!