International Library Day


Hi guys! This post is going to be about International Library Day. It is where you go to the library and visit booths about countries around the world, It was really fun!

Today we could to dress down as our country as well as visiting  the library. I am Chinese but part Canadian, but since I forgot I didn’t dress up. I really enjoy visiting each station and learning about their cultures. Every time we go to a station, we get a stamp, which I think is more fun than just visiting the booths. We only had 20 minutes, so I would like to have more time to go to the stations. Overall, I had a great time at International Library Day. Bye! 🙂


Hi Guys!, this is a short blog post about our coding lesson we had today.

We have to make our initial using scratch, the biggest challenge I face is finding and understanding the blocks to use for the letters. I would rather make a block then copying the code again. I learn to use the block: Make A Block, which allows you to make a block, like the name of the block.

Thanks for reading my blog and BYE! 🙂

First Week with Ms. Laura

Hi guys! I went on holiday so I haven’t blog for a long time but for this post it will be about my first week with our new teacher, Ms. Laura.


We started our second term on Tuesday so I am wrote about my week starting on Tuesday.


On Tuesday, we I was more tired than usual because I had jetlag since I went to Vancouver. I was happy to see my friends and classmate. After recess we had one period of Chinese. The rest of the day was pretty normal. At the end of the day we had two periods of PA which stands for Performing Arts.


On Wednesday, we start the day with math meeting which is something that Ms. Laura introduce to us. Math Meeting is doing math problems with our math group. Then we have Chinese after recess again but this time two periods. The rest of the day was pretty normal.


On Thursday, we start the day with a period of PE. At the end of the day we had a period of Chinese.


On Friday we had a normal day, similar to Tuesday. After one period after lunch we had PE.


So that’s all we did in our first week with Ms. Laura, Bye!


Hi, This is a little blog post about the corrections that I made for my home learning. One of our home learning is correcting two of our blog post.

One of the blog post that I corrected was the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong. The changes that I made was details ( like add the dates ) and to separate some of the sentences. Another blog post that I correct was the one about my home learning for others, helping in the kitchen. I turn some of the words past tense and into other words that mean the same thing.

That is what I did for my home learning. Thanks for checking out my blog. Bye!


Hi. This is a blog post about one of our home learning. So we had to create or do something without anybody telling us to.

I chose to help cook and wash in the kitchen because I feel that it is important to help others even though I don’t get anything in return. Over there on the bottom is a photo of me in the kitchen. Would you do this without getting any credit? IMAG2243 (1)

3 Way Learning Review


Our responsibilities, as a parent , a teacher and a student is to guide, listen, understand, ask questions, add  on, paraphrase, take notes ,  think, and plan.


When we guide, we lead them through the three way learning review and lead the topic that we are talking about.


If we listen we can hear each other and it means that are concentrating and you know what each other is saying.


Why do you need to think? You need to think because if you explain something but it doesn’t make sense then your parents won’t understand .


You should ask question because they help you understand more. When you don’t understand questions help because the teacher will explain again.


Why do you need to paraphrase? You should paraphrase because if your parents don’t understand then you can explain more to them.


Why should you take notes? You should take notes because if you are forgetful you will forget things but if you write it in a note then you can read it if you forget.


You should add on because if we say something and you have else related to that, we would all  like to hear it.


We should plan because sometimes when we say something, we don’t know what to say.

The End !!!


Plastic Free Seas

Hi, today we are researching on plastic that were sent to the sea. This is an important organisation because if we don’t help take away the plastic the fishes will be extinct and the sea will be filled with plastic. We can make a difference if we stop using plastic forks, plates, cups, and other plastic stuff. People are raising money to support this organisation to keep the sea clean. Please help pick up garbage in the sea and on the beach. Thank you!___1104421_orig

Karis’ Introduction

Welcome to my blog. My name is Karis and I am in 4E. My teacher is Mr. Adams. In my first few weeks I learned lots of new things and I really like fourth grade. My favourite subject is PE and PA. PA is short for performing arts. We are learning recorder in PA. But my favourite thing I like to do so far is read aloud, sketch noting, and using my computer. I love reading and it is more fun when we read as a class and share our ideas, I like sketch noting because I like to write and draw but I do not like to write and draw alone, I like computers because I never had a computer.

On last Friday we had buddies with the Prep E. Our mountain lions got to take the the Prep E mountains lion on the tour around the school. I like buddies because I get to teach younger students, my brother is in Prep E, and they are very fun to work with. Last Wednesday we build our robots. This Wednesday we program them. I like robots because they are fun to build. I had never build a robot before so it was cool.

In 4E we have class jobs. This week my job is the conductor. The conductor write things down. In class we each work on a board. Rhea, Alysha, Sierra is in my group. We are working on the UOI board. I have a new friend called Sophie. We are both new to Canadian International School. That is all I have to say, bye!