Dance Reflection

Welcome back 🙂 As you can see from the title, this post is going to be about our dance unit. We created our own choreography and performed it in front of our classmates and teacher. The elements were based on things we learned in grade 5 and includes some new things we learned at the start of the year. Down below is the video of me and my partner’s dance and the rubric I filled out.

Everyone in our class put time and effort into their routine. Overall, I had a good time in Dance!

PA ( Performing Arts )


Hi guys! I am back with another post about PA. Like I said in the last blog post about PA, we were in making light paintings using dance. We just finished the unit and this is my reflection.

When we made the light painting, I was excited to see the results of the painting at the end, at the same time I was worried that it won’t came out as we plan it would be. I was also a little nervous to perform the dance because I was afraid that I would mess up, but it turns of that nobody’s light painting was perfect and what they thought it will be.

To make the light painting, we taped or made bracelets out of  glow sticks , then we danced in the dark with our groups while our PA teacher took a video of it using a special app called PABLO that can capture our dance and turn it into a light painting. It was very fun and interesting activity/project to do.

After we made our light painting, we of course got to see it. I was surprised to see a blobs of color instead of our plan and it didn’t show the patterns we were hoping to see. I expect the patterns to show, instead our group accidentally made up dance moves that covered the other patterns and that is what made the patterns mixed up. I also expect the patterns to stand by it self, what I mean is when we dance something it won’t connect with others.

Our plan for the light painting includes squiggly line, swirls, and zigzags. We had squiggly lines on the sides and swirls on the top and bottom with zigzags on the bottom and top of the swirls. When we saw the light painting, the squiggly lines were mixed together with the zigzags and the one of our dance moves ruin the swirls and zigzags. It was not close to what we expect.

Next time I could improve on thinking before doing it, for example I could have thought how is the glow sticks going to make the patterns instead of making random moves the will ruin the whole light painting. Our group can also work on staying on task, cooperating together more often, and taking each other’s ideas.

So that is it for my reflection on this unit, hope you enjoyed it, BYE!


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Today I am going to tell you about what we are doing PA ( Performing Arts ).

In the unit we are in now,  Our Central Idea is Patterns can be represented through different combinations in art forms. We have been learning about the Elements of Dance, which includes the concepts Body, Action, Space, Energy, and Time. We are learning this because we are doing light paintings in class. A light painting is basically where we put glow sticks on our body and we dance with it on in the dark while we use an app to make a painting out of it. To make a light painting we first split up into groups and had to made a dance storyboard to show our plan for the light painting. My group includes Ava, Alysha, and Taber. I think  we did our plan pretty good but I think we need to work on focusing with our work instead of talking with other groups.

So that is all I wanted to say, thanks for reading and BYE!:)