Dance Reflection

Welcome back 🙂 As you can see from the title, this post is going to be about our dance unit. We created our own choreography and performed it in front of our classmates and teacher. The elements were based on things we learned in grade 5 and includes some new things we learned at the start of the year. Down below is the video of me and my partner’s dance and the rubric I filled out.

Everyone in our class put time and effort into their routine. Overall, I had a good time in Dance!


Hi!, Sorry for not posting in a long time; I had been really busy. 🙁 Anyway today I’ll be talking about a show named SPLAT performed by a company called “faust”, It’s based on different poetry made around the world. They use their emotions to express the poem, they also include audience and makes us laugh once in a while. I thought they did a great job since they keep us curious and they make us want more.

After watching them perform, I have a lot of new ideas. I learnt that poetry can be expressed in many different ways, I also thought that this kind of relate to our last PA unit. Which was storytelling in different methods, this performance help me realize that poetry can be a sport for certain people and can change people’s perspective though poetry.

I had a fun time watching them, they had a lot of different themes for the poetry; I would like to see another performance. I hope you enjoy this blog post! Bye!!! 🙂