A.I.R Reflection

In the last couple of weeks, instead of our usual visual arts class, we had a program called A.I.R; which stands for artist in residence. We had fashion designers from around the world come to our school to teach us about creating fashion to help us make our own fashion mostly using recycled pieces; in groups. We were going to have a catwalk showcasing our fashion. Unfortunately, there was a big flu going around, so we had to cancel it. 🙁

When we first started, we had lots of ideas. In our group (Kayla, Jessica, Lauren, & Sophie) we decided our model was Kayla and our theme was goldfish/monochrome. I think we worked really well as a group. We gave everyone a role, and we listened to each other. Something that we could work on is probably making the dress look more recycled. Otherwise, I think we worked really well together, the final piece looked really good.

I had so much fun designing clothes, I hope we get to showcase it somehow after the break. Thanks for reading and BYE! 🙂