Chinese Unit Reflection (WWPT)



Hi, today I’ll be talking about my Chinese Wong Chuk Hang presentation and our recent unit, which was how the world works. I learnt that over time, the importance of each economic activity will change. For example, a bank before can worth much more than it is now because we’re all use to banks now. We also have way more economic activities than before, Wong Chuk Hang is more developed now. We have bakeries, markets, gas station, and more. My plan for the space was to build an art centre/studio for students to practice all kinds of art, have tutor lessons, and just have fun. It includes painting, filming, digital art and other forms of art.

Something that I did well on is my organization and probably my slides (pictures, examples, visuals). Something that I can improve on is going to be my delivery, which is speaking louder and being more natural. Overall, I think I did pretty good. 🙂

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