Inquiry Toy Deconstruction

Hi guys! Welcome back to another blog post. This post is going to be about one of the activities we’re doing for inquiry. Our new unit is HTWO aka how the world works. So we’re deconstructing a toy and building a new one. But this post is only going to be about the deconstruction. For my toy I decided to take one of my brother’s toy (don’t tell him) which is a car. It took me a long time to break it, most of the screws were deformed but at the end I got most things out. After we break the toy, we were to write on a piece of paper about the parts, purpose, and complexities. Next we write a reflection about this. (which I am right now) we also have to take a picture of our parts, but before that we have to organize it. The picture will be down below.

For the last 2 weeks, we got time to deconstruct our toys. Mr. Roberts provide us with toy boxes that include screwdrivers, hammers, and others stuff. It was really fun to see what was actually inside our toys. Most of us brought something car related, they have lots of wires, motherboards, batteries, and much more other interesting things. As I said before, after we take our toy apart we organize our parts on the floor so we can take a picture. We also have to write on a piece of paper about the part, purpose, complexities.

Here’s the picture of the parts that took me so long to organize:

That’s it for now, thanks for reading this post. BYE!

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