Hi!, Sorry for not posting in a long time; I had been really busy. 🙁 Anyway today I’ll be talking about a show named SPLAT performed by a company called “faust”, It’s based on different poetry made around the world. They use their emotions to express the poem, they also include audience and makes us laugh once in a while. I thought they did a great job since they keep us curious and they make us want more.

After watching them perform, I have a lot of new ideas. I learnt that poetry can be expressed in many different ways, I also thought that this kind of relate to our last PA unit. Which was storytelling in different methods, this performance help me realize that poetry can be a sport for certain people and can change people’s perspective though poetry.

I had a fun time watching them, they had a lot of different themes for the poetry; I would like to see another performance. I hope you enjoy this blog post! Bye!!! 🙂

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