Natural Disasters Story

“Here you go”, Camilla said as she fed the animals. She could hear noises at the far end barn. Camilla rolled her eyes as she shouted to her  mom , “Mom!, Henry is riding the horse again!” Matching to what she always respond to Camilla each time, her mom shouted calmly “Just let him, he is just a little kid.” She walked to the end of the barn where her disturbing brother was. Her eyes went wide when she saw her brother riding her favorite horse, Lavender. Camilla without hesitation, she angrily dragged her brother by his hands, hastily opening the dirty red painted wooden door that head out meanwhile the blazing hot sun shone towards their view. Camilla carelessly dropped Henry onto the ground thinking about him with her hands on her waist while her brother continuously spin above the green grass. She always wanted to have her brother to be more mature but knew that it will never happen. Camilla stared out into the distance, while spotting the woods and mountains far away. It was where she always wanted to go since she was little but her mom will never let her. After all her dad had died when he was exploring it and he sadly never returned. So being worried about her , her mom will never let her go exploring and disappear the same way Camilla’s dad did.

Camilla was lost in her thoughts, all of the sudden she was knocked over by Henry. She quickly stood up, remembering that she was annoyed with him. Then saw him staring oddly at her like when he wanted her to do something for him. Soon enough she got used to it and didn’t never fall for it ever again. He was so annoying as well as disturbing! Camilla thought furiously to herself, not realizing that her brother didn’t ever mean to make his sister mad. She rolled her eyes once more followed by rushing in the barn, slamming the wooden door in his face, which she felt proud of even though it was a  just a little thing. She casually strolled to to the other side of the barn where she found her brother a few minutes ago. Half way toward in the barn she there she observed that the animals were acting weirdly along with being really active. It must be the warmness or the climate.  Camilla thought without knowing that it was something else… “Dinner time!” Her mom suddenly shouted, interrupting her thoughts. The animals were still behaving weirdly, we should go to the vet, Camilla said. Then realize that she was talking to the animals who didn’t respond to her. Her cheeks were red as she blushed, finally she speed to dinner. Since they have the same thing every three other day, she soon got used to it and could predict what they would have. Camilla always wanted to live in the city but knew that will never happen, her mom’s family had work here and wanted her to continue the progress, so Camilla had no choice.

After dinner was over,  Camilla paced to the entrance of the barn. As she open the door while getting a paint print, still finding the wild animals running around. A rabbit leaped past her then followed a duck and a messy pig, they ran out into the dark forest leaving a muddy path after them. “What a mess!”  Camilla thought. She decided to deal with it tomorrow since she had no chores. Camilla opened the wooden door, trying not to let the animals out with her. Once she was a few feet away to her house, she saw a dark mysterious shadow figure staring at her. Creepy, Camilla thought. Not trying to think about it, she ran in the house as fast as she could with the moon glaring at her. She went into her comfy bed and drift to sleep.

“Ah!” Camilla screamed, she was sweaty from her nightmare. She sat up and looked at her mini blue clock by her bedside, surprisingly it was 12:30am.  Camilla stood up and glance at the woods in the distance, this could be my chance to sneak out and explore the woods. She thought. Without denying, Camilla decided to sneaked out. “I will be back before sunrise, no problem.” Camilla said without worrying. She putted on her coat, then tiptoe out onto the grass. Creak! Camilla heard. Quite worried about it, she carry on her adventure. Exciting she ran the rest way to the woods with her braid whirling around her. As Camilla got closer to her destination, she got more uncertain about her idea to go into the woods. Once she was deep between in trees, the sun start rising. Glaring at the sun, she then realize that she was lost. I am in huge trouble, Camilla knew.

After a few moments later, snowflakes start dripping down to the shiny grass, the wind was blowing harder by each minute. So far snow was wrapping her feet, Camilla was struggling to walk, she got free but soon got stuck again. The sky was getting foggy, she shivered as the snow was piling up again. It will going up too fast, she couldn’t get free again. As the snow piled up, she watched in horror at the animals sinking in the snow, trees covered in icicles. Her face and her body got numb, Camilla become sleepy, with her eyes closed, she slowly fell asleep.

As the snow around Camilla deliberately melt away, she woke up in a shock. Glad that she wasn’t stuck anymore, she paced around trying to find shelter before getting buried again. She had never experience such thing as strong as that before. Thinking about what happened, she recognize what that was… It was a BLIZZARD!  Panicking, she luckily stumbled into a shallow cave. What luck, Camilla thought. She raced in and settled down.

A few days later, Camilla was starving in the cave, frightened about what happened days ago, worried about her family, and how she was going to survive. “This place is amazing!” Camilla heard. Being curious about the voices,  it dragged her to the mouth of the cave where she saw tourists looking around. Camilla could see two men dress in black suits. The tourist saw Camilla and invite her to join them. Camilla accept their invitation but she didn’t knew she was in more danger than she is now…

Camilla was hiking with the tourist, then the men pick up their speed and didn’t respond when Camilla cried to them to slow down. They kept on going and ignore her. Camilla had tripped on a tree and now sitting on the cold floor clutching her foot. The snow was covering her again, this time it was as stronger than before. Camilla close her eyes, she slowly got buried again. She relax and fell asleep.

Camilla blinked her eyes open, the first thing she saw was unknown people with masks, she was surprised that she was feeling better than before. Then she noticed that she was in the backseat of black plain car, in the front seat she could see a driver. Tapping the driver on his back, she shyly ask “Um…,  where am I going?” “Home.” Replied the driver. Excited about it, Camilla shut her mouth until she was home.

When she arrived home, she saw a blonde hair girl with a pink T-shirt and black leggings sitting on the grass holding her right knee. Camilla could see the pain in her face. She went in the house, hoping to find her first aid kit. When she was in the house, she realize that her family isn’t here. They must have left me, Camilla sadly thought. Camilla carry on her task, trying not to think about her family. After she found it, she hurried outside to the girl. She helped her treated her injuries. The girl stammered “Th… Thank You” “No Prob! By the way I am Camilla. ” Camilla replied shyly. Come into my house, motioned Camilla. “I’m Avery just in case you’re wondering” the girl said. They happily chatted away until the sun setted. Before Camilla went to bed, she spotted the same dark figure she saw before, then it disappeared before she could tell Avery about it. How strange…



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