Hi guys! I am really excited to write about CAMP!!! Last Wednesday grade 4¬†went camping, going camping is really exciting for me becauIMG_1349se I have never camp before. Ok so let’s get on with the blog post.

So as I said, grade 4 went camping at Lantau Island, Pui o beach. The camp was lead by the organisation called Treasure Island. The campsite was really near the beach. We stayed there for 3 days & 2 nights. I am not going to go detailed on what we did at camp, I am running out of time in class but if you want you could check out the rest of the class’ blog posts.

My favourite activity was raft building, we really had to cooperate with our team. It was really fun to build a raft a sail it with out team. I learned to be more involve in the activities and to think more about others. I can use this to ask more question and answer questions. My target is to listen more to instructions.

Thanks for reading my blog post, bye!IMG_1373 (3)

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