Home Learning-UOI Experiment


Hi, this is my blog post about the home learning. Home learning are about what we did in UOI. In UOI we did a sketch note about what are the steps to figure out which ball falls faster, a golf ball or a tennis ball. So we have to answer one of the questions on the bottom.


  • What went well with the experiment? What didn’t go well? What could we do differently?
  • Was the test a fair test? Could someone else complete the test using only your notes? Why or why not?
  • What did you have to do for the materials or experiment section of the experiment? Did you get any results?
  • Why were some people’s weights different for the same tennis or golf ball? What was causing this difference?


I chose question number 3. I haven’t done the experiment yet, so I am answering something that is similar to question 3.

What do you need to do to make the test fair?

What I think the main thing to make the test fair is measuring the height so I won’t drop a ball further than the other ball, because if we don’t measure than our results will be wrong. Also other people might follow our steps and they will get the right answer, so they won’t trust you anymore.

Another thing to make it fair is to not cheat with the results. Then the same thing will happen, they won’t trust you once they figure out the right answer and also you will get into trouble.

So this is my blog post about my home learning and I hoped you like it, bye!

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