Chinese U1 Reflection


今年,我的SMART goal是更好我的讲话在学校 (oral, participating in class, talking in general)我希望在2020年,我可以比以前有好改变。如果我想做更好,我要在家里同家人联系更多。还要看同学们和老师报告,从他们学习。

Parlez – vous français – critères C et D à l’oral

Task: create a role play to include all of the information you have learned since the beginning of the year.

Last week, our class had a french conversation summative. We were assigned to create a script of a conversation and record it with a partner, my partner was Sophie.


  • Time management
    • it was one of our biggest challenges because our other recordings didn’t work out when we recorded it in class, so we had to rush it on the last day in the bus, and since we recorded in the bus, it caused the background noise to be really loud.
  • Teamwork/cooperation
    • I think working with Sophie helped because we’re comfortable working with each other and we work well together; but at the same time, sometimes we would start laughing, so that distracted us a lot. There were definitely lots of disadvantages and advantages in working with her.


Overall, I think we did pretty good because we got a 7/8 for criteria C, and another 7/8 for criteria D. I’m happy with our score because it’s not bad for our first french summative, and there is still room for improvement.

Goal for next assessment:

My goal for next time is to focus more and get the work done faster instead of rushing it last minute; and also talking more smoothly when recording, so it seems less of a script, and more like a real conversation.


Karis 🙂

Culture Unit (Beam Design Reflection)

在中文了,我们有画个设计给个中文课。在我的beam design上,我有很多不同的设计。在两边上有竹子,竹子代表忠诚,所以他们在两边上“保护”个寺庙。寺庙代表信仰,寺庙有红,黄,和黑色。红色代表幸运和黄色代表自由。

In Chinese class we had to design something for a Chinese classroom. I had different drawings on mine like bamboo. In Chinese Culture, bamboo represents loyalty; and a Chinese temple represents religion. On the temple, there were colours like red, yellow, and black. Red represents luck and yellow represents freedom. 


Chinese Unit Reflection (WWPT)



Hi, today I’ll be talking about my Chinese Wong Chuk Hang presentation and our recent unit, which was how the world works. I learnt that over time, the importance of each economic activity will change. For example, a bank before can worth much more than it is now because we’re all use to banks now. We also have way more economic activities than before, Wong Chuk Hang is more developed now. We have bakeries, markets, gas station, and more. My plan for the space was to build an art centre/studio for students to practice all kinds of art, have tutor lessons, and just have fun. It includes painting, filming, digital art and other forms of art.

Something that I did well on is my organization and probably my slides (pictures, examples, visuals). Something that I can improve on is going to be my delivery, which is speaking louder and being more natural. Overall, I think I did pretty good. 🙂

Exhibition (UOI)

Hi and welcome! This is my first post back from winter break and in the new year – 2019! Before the break, we had two weeks for our exhibition. This year, our transdisciplinary theme for our exhibition was WWA, aka who we are. In those two weeks before the break, our goal was to have our idea/topic approved from our judges. Mine was DIY/crafts and homeless animals, we had to connect our passion(s) and our issue; so I’m going to make DIYs (toys and treats) for stray dogs in Hong Kong to be specific. Mine is basically, “exploring art and DIYs to spread awareness about homeless dogs in Hong Kong.”

Some of my main key concepts are change, perspective, and responsibility. I chose those three as my main concepts because change, this exhibition is to help take action and inspire our community with our passion and interest. Responsibility because it is our environment that we have to take care of and everyone should be helping, perspective mainly because we have to take opinions from everyone (what they think about stray dogs) so we can collect data and make our exhibition more successful. Some related concepts are opinion, role, system, impact, rights.

We just started on researching so we aren’t that deep into our topics yet. We thought of key and related concepts, our lines of inquiry, and of course our topic and interest. I hope my next exhibition post I will come back with more information; so that’s around it, thanks for reading this far and byeeee 🙂