Project Genesis – Criteria Di

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… 
-Research/inspiration: I had to come up with an idea at first. I wasn’t too sure what to do but there weren’t any rules at all so I could do anything I wanted. I decided to choose a sadder song because I thought it would be easier to edit and be creative with it.
-Proposal: After choosing the idea I had to specify the goal and my own criteria in the proposal. It wasn’t too hard and it didn’t take too long.
-Design specifications and Criteria: I think my criteria that I made by myself was a little bit too hard so in the end I wasn’t able to achieve it. Mid-project I changed the song I had decided before and did a mashup of three songs.
-Find a song: After starting my project again, I chose a song for my base and chose two other songs to go with my first song. It didn’t take too long.
-Decide on the different instruments: I ended up just using bass to play some chords.
-Add the effects and layers: It was kind of hard at first but I learned how to slow down a song and I added lots of echoes and reverbs to make it sound sadder(?).
-Cut and incorporate parts of another song: After I added the parts of the other songs I realized they didn’t especially go together, but I still tried my best to make it sound good.
-Self-assess: Self-assessing is the hardest part because I changed the whole project midway through so the criteria I made before does not really apply to the new project.
Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… 
-be At least 1.5 minutes long: The mashup I made is 3 minutes long.
-Have the audio of me playing piano: Does not have the audio of me playing piano.
-have 3 midi instruments: Only has 1 midi instrument.
-have Some parts from another song: Two other songs mixed together.
-Everything flows together: Not really.
-Everything is the same tempo: I tried my best to make everything the same tempo but I’m not sure it is.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
 Some important new skills I acquired was more knowledge on garage band. I learned about how you match songs tempos, and how you slow down/speed up a song without changing the pitch of the singer. I also experimented more with new effects like echoes and reverbs.
What challenges did you face and overcome.       
The biggest challenge was to choose the songs. That was the biggest challenge throughout the whole was to choose some songs that I thought would sound good. I honestly think my end result didn’t really flow together but I think the choices for the songs were good. It was so hard to choose songs because many songs I chose, I could only download the whole song, not just the vocals or instrumentals. This is why I think my mashup sounds bad, because the songs are really choppy.

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