Poetry workshop

So a few days ago for you, not me someone came in to talk about poems and work on it.There I added a few more imagree and a hyperbole and then I notice that my structure was completely wrong and did again it turns out very good.I hope that I can do this more often.And I really liked to add more detail for what I could see the story in the mind after I added a little more imagree.One line was :The mash potato looks smooth as wood.File_000 (2)

Halloween Poem

So a few days ago it was Halloween for me, not you if you read this few month later or years even.

There I made an imagery poem about Halloween which is not that long but still I like it since it was fun and it could sometimes give you the creeps.There I thought of some movies and then write some aspect of them in for example Zombies rise from the grave which is in a zombie film you get what I mean it was very fun to do and it reminds you from some movie.Before I thought that poems only rhythm but they don’t they could also do all sorts of things.

So in conclusion, I made a Halloween poem what I like and wrote it using some aspect of movies.Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 7.57.27 AM

Sketch Note

In class, we are starting to learn sketch notes if you don’t what sketch notes don’t blame you it also took some time for us to know what it is.

Sketch notes is when you write and draw some icons to it for example:
Let’s eat now.

There you an icon there and that you have to do and do we got a home learning task of doing it and I think I did a good job it is not too easy to do it.Before I thought that you need to be good at drawing but you don’t have to.

There I got a lot of work to do and I could not really choose a style so I had to us my old one I had no choice
In conclusion, I made a good job in the visual note taking and I think it is good to use in some scenarios other writing would be better.

Writing promt

At the first week of home learning, we got something called writing prompt there you get a picture and write something that has to do with the picture.

The first picture was a whale over an airplane there many people had ideas for what they could do.My idea was that someone had the power to do anything and he was bored so he made a new world made a plane and put a whale on top I know it sounds crazy but I wrote it.In the second week we got a picture of virtual reality and made the story sound of how that the technology was the first AI and it made the matrix and the movie comes from that story.Before I thought that it has to be one type to be good but it does not have to be any type of writing.

It is very fun to make the story and read what other people got in their mind and you can be very creative.

What story would you write?