Genius Hour

I finally finished it after many days I made model ships that does not float or have a color I made a model of the ship designs.It took so long and I am happy it worked it just breaks easily which is bad bit still great that is complete.I just hope it would be more exciting to make.I really hope I can make another one.I really want to make an aircraft carrier.Photo on 9-12-2016 at 1.58 PM

Grade 5 camp

Grade 5 went camping into two different camps named Pak Sha Wan and Pak Sha O.I went to Pak Sha O we had a company called APA to plan most of the activity.

I learned how to use a compass and to use a map at the same time which is great to know for the future.I used those skill to go hike to a spot but did not have enough time.There I also learned that it is not always right to go the way your compass tells you to go.I also learned how compass degrees works.I am still working on to make bread stick without burning it since it is not easy.Before I thought that a compass always points on to the north pole but is actually a few degrees off.

So, in conclusion, I went camping learned about navigation and what can happen but that’s not all I did. 

Poetry workshop

So a few days ago for you, not me someone came in to talk about poems and work on it.There I added a few more imagree and a hyperbole and then I notice that my structure was completely wrong and did again it turns out very good.I hope that I can do this more often.And I really liked to add more detail for what I could see the story in the mind after I added a little more imagree.One line was :The mash potato looks smooth as wood.File_000 (2)

Body Image

So in school people from leap came in and talk about to be happy with yourself after that we had to write about it in our process journal.There I wrote about how some people change them self-using plastic surgery,that some pictures are photoshopped.After that, I also wrote how the ideal image is always changed.

So, in conclusion, some people came in and talked about body image and we had to write about it.

Performing Arts Music Video

Performing arts music video

So I know you are asking me why I am doing this again because we finished the video and now you can watch it on youtube.

So we worked hard on it recording and editing so let me explain if you did not read the last one so in performing arts our class had to make a music video.I was in the camera group which does the recording.The creative team was two weeks late so we did not really have time.When we did the recording we sent it to the editing team which took their time.It was finally done which is so good.There in recording we had to walk to all the sets and then record check it then go to next and until we are done we also had to use the camera correctly which is not always easy so now you know what will happen in a video and what we did.It was frustrating because there would always be one problem, for example, one of the groups were 3 weeks late on their work but in the end, we could make it but had to cut two scenes.


Book club 2.0

I know what you are asking why do you make this post again,simple because we have a new book and have something fun to do when we read the book

It is called steal S-Speach T-Thoughts E-effects on others A-Actions L-Looks we use this to see how the characters evolve and see what personality they have and what they do sometimes if they have an anger problem but it doesn’t say you could find the pattern.My group read bridge to terrabia with two characters we choose the side character since the other one did not appeal to us.Before I thought that books only evolve the main character but most characters evolve.

In conclusion, it is very fun to do and you learn things that you wouldn’t expect.

Written math

Weeks ago we started learning math strategies for multiplication and division.In written ways.

There we had to do a worksheet in that worksheet we had some math strategy to do we did 3 strategies.There we did 1 digits time 2 digits,2 digits times 2 digits,3 digits times 2 digits and 3 digits times 3 digits.The strategy that I like the most was a traditional and Flacco strategy.This work frustrated me because 1 one of the strategies I never learned it was the box strategy and it had most of the answer over complicated and how many of the boxes it was all so annoying.


Photo on 7-11-2016 at 2.02 PM

Makers space

So our class worked in a maker space project we had to open something up and write about it.

I opened a remote which sounds easy but believe me some of the screws are so hard to open but when it was open there was a hard drive and wires for energy and connecting things there I notice that it is 80% plastic the rest are just parts and the hard drive was the main one so there you can see open something there you could find out that it is very easy to make but still expensive. Writing the parts it also not easy writing what will happen since I am not the maker and not the right age and I can’t see the code on the hard drive.There we made a sheet where we had these title parts,Purpose, and complexities  .This was frustrating because we had to tell what the parts did and what some parts which are not always easy

So in conclusion, our class had a maker space activity which was very fun.Photo on 7-11-2016 at 1.57 PM #3

Music video

In performing arts, we have to make a music video and our class has to make it we all got groups my group is a film crew.

My group’s job is to record the video but the problem is we don’t know the story so we just have to practice filming the video and it is not easy since we have to follow the characters and also move the camera lighting that’s all that our job is so not easy.We have been working on the youtube video a lot but we still don’t know the story so anything to do except practice.
I hope that the video will be good and that the videos will be very good and that my job will be not too hard but we will not know until we do it.It was frustrating to do the work since some groups forgot to do the job.