Genius Hour

I finally finished it after many days I made model ships that does not float or have a color I made a model of the ship designs.It took so long and I am happy it worked it just breaks easily which is bad bit still great that is complete.I just hope it would be more exciting to make.I really hope I can make another one.I really want to make an aircraft carrier.Photo on 9-12-2016 at 1.58 PM

Written math

Weeks ago we started learning math strategies for multiplication and division.In written ways.

There we had to do a worksheet in that worksheet we had some math strategy to do we did 3 strategies.There we did 1 digits time 2 digits,2 digits times 2 digits,3 digits times 2 digits and 3 digits times 3 digits.The strategy that I like the most was a traditional and Flacco strategy.This work frustrated me because 1 one of the strategies I never learned it was the box strategy and it had most of the answer over complicated and how many of the boxes it was all so annoying.


Photo on 7-11-2016 at 2.02 PM

Literacy centers


In our class, literacy centers started a while ago it is pretty much math centers but using literacy.
 In literacy centers are good since we don’t have to write a reflection and it is fun to research things which we never thought of but all is about our unit, for example, where does the name blog come from.We did a lot but for a while, we have not been working on the literacy centers a lot.It was frustrating because there were a lot of things to do but not much time.

So, in conclusion, we have been enjoying literacy centers even though that we don’t do it a lot but it is still fun and good to learn something about literacy.

Math centers

In math class we have math centers,there were a lot of math centers ,I and my friend did a challenge where we had to find out if we zero is real,that was a hard one.

 So there we had to research if zero is real the answer may shock you it does but in a perspective only.We had another question if infinity that was only one of the six centers that were the hardest one to do so after a while there was a problem I was arguing with my partner if it’s true or not and in the end it’s the same answer which is,only in a perspective.It was frustrating because there was so much to do but not much time.

 So, in conclusion, we learned a lot of facts in one center only so in the future we could help other people with the skills we learned at a young age.

What math center would you make?