Book club 2.0

I know what you are asking why do you make this post again,simple because we have a new book and have something fun to do when we read the book

It is called steal S-Speach T-Thoughts E-effects on others A-Actions L-Looks we use this to see how the characters evolve and see what personality they have and what they do sometimes if they have an anger problem but it doesn’t say you could find the pattern.My group read bridge to terrabia with two characters we choose the side character since the other one did not appeal to us.Before I thought that books only evolve the main character but most characters evolve.

In conclusion, it is very fun to do and you learn things that you wouldn’t expect.

Makers space

So our class worked in a maker space project we had to open something up and write about it.

I opened a remote which sounds easy but believe me some of the screws are so hard to open but when it was open there was a hard drive and wires for energy and connecting things there I notice that it is 80% plastic the rest are just parts and the hard drive was the main one so there you can see open something there you could find out that it is very easy to make but still expensive. Writing the parts it also not easy writing what will happen since I am not the maker and not the right age and I can’t see the code on the hard drive.There we made a sheet where we had these title parts,Purpose, and complexities  .This was frustrating because we had to tell what the parts did and what some parts which are not always easy

So in conclusion, our class had a maker space activity which was very fun.Photo on 7-11-2016 at 1.57 PM #3

BookClub in school

A few weeks ago we had started our book club there we had different groups, my group was reading the book ”When You Reach Me”, it is a very exciting book.

 There I learned that the book is more interesting than the cover and the first sentence, here is a short blurb;

 Your friend gets kicked, you know every part of the way home like the group of boys or the crazy man in the corner you start gettings note in all different in places which you don’t expect.

 The book is very good, our group is having a blast reading the book so I hope in the future that I can have as many of mysterious books.

 What book would you read and talk with friends about?Cr4t2YCUMAEkmBU