Being a maker

So a few weeks ago my group had to make a circuit after we learned about new types of circuits.We started to use the series circuit which makes the light the brightest.We also made our own switch which broke a few times and had to get fixed by the tall guy.We were very happy of how we used it

Chain Reaction Contraption Final Video.

It will download it

Chain Reaction Contraption Final Video

Design Thinking Process

A few weeks ago we learned about design thing process there you have the first step which is empathizing.Which means we think of what some people need then we think of how we can do it.Define how you think it will work.Ideate means to image the real what will happen then you start making the prototype which means the draft.Finally, you will test it.imgres-1

Our Two Scientific Method

So a few days ago we had to make a scientific method about how far the dominoes have to be away from each other.

We made a lot of mistakes in between like we got the prediction wrong by a long shot.We also made the procedure wrong.We even got the results wrong.Later that week we had to make a new scientific method so we chose this time how many dominos do you need to push a ping pong ball 30cm.We knew we had to make it better this time and so we went on the project.we got a lot less mistake now we just had some problems in typing the words.We just had some problems in being too informal.We had a lot of improvements in writing that’s all that mattered.Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 8.10.18 AM