Grade 5 camp

Grade 5 went camping into two different camps named Pak Sha Wan and Pak Sha O.I went to Pak Sha O we had a company called APA to plan most of the activity.

I learned how to use a compass and to use a map at the same time which is great to know for the future.I used those skill to go hike to a spot but did not have enough time.There I also learned that it is not always right to go the way your compass tells you to go.I also learned how compass degrees works.I am still working on to make bread stick without burning it since it is not easy.Before I thought that a compass always points on to the north pole but is actually a few degrees off.

So, in conclusion, I went camping learned about navigation and what can happen but that’s not all I did. 

Makers space

So our class worked in a maker space project we had to open something up and write about it.

I opened a remote which sounds easy but believe me some of the screws are so hard to open but when it was open there was a hard drive and wires for energy and connecting things there I notice that it is 80% plastic the rest are just parts and the hard drive was the main one so there you can see open something there you could find out that it is very easy to make but still expensive. Writing the parts it also not easy writing what will happen since I am not the maker and not the right age and I can’t see the code on the hard drive.There we made a sheet where we had these title parts,Purpose, and complexities  .This was frustrating because we had to tell what the parts did and what some parts which are not always easy

So in conclusion, our class had a maker space activity which was very fun.Photo on 7-11-2016 at 1.57 PM #3

Artist and Resident Trip

A few weeks ago we went to a clay studio it was fun it made me feel happy making a very old way of making things.It made me feel happy for the makers for having a fun and making a lot of things and keeping the old way of making things and keeps the flow of history not in books but in real use.Before I thought that people need to make it now i know that a 3D printer can also do it.

Watch this video





I think that it is good to know the people made a way to make something that can speed up the process of making something faster that before with your own hands and it will keep clay making up to date.It makes me feel happy that some things always try to keep up to date.
People study their life now it is easier to make some art like sculpting now it is easier to make one.

Music video

In performing arts, we have to make a music video and our class has to make it we all got groups my group is a film crew.

My group’s job is to record the video but the problem is we don’t know the story so we just have to practice filming the video and it is not easy since we have to follow the characters and also move the camera lighting that’s all that our job is so not easy.We have been working on the youtube video a lot but we still don’t know the story so anything to do except practice.
I hope that the video will be good and that the videos will be very good and that my job will be not too hard but we will not know until we do it.It was frustrating to do the work since some groups forgot to do the job.

Writing promt

At the first week of home learning, we got something called writing prompt there you get a picture and write something that has to do with the picture.

The first picture was a whale over an airplane there many people had ideas for what they could do.My idea was that someone had the power to do anything and he was bored so he made a new world made a plane and put a whale on top I know it sounds crazy but I wrote it.In the second week we got a picture of virtual reality and made the story sound of how that the technology was the first AI and it made the matrix and the movie comes from that story.Before I thought that it has to be one type to be good but it does not have to be any type of writing.

It is very fun to make the story and read what other people got in their mind and you can be very creative.

What story would you write?


Our unit

The first unit is how to be a digital citizen and blogs so we did most of the work about a blog.

The first few weeks we read blogs found out what is important in a blog and what some good words for blogs.We also started to work on our blogs which you are reading at the moment.In our blog unit, we learned how to be a good digital citizen and we are at the moment working on our final project.

So, in conclusion, this is a very interesting unit and I want to know what the next will be and if it will also be this fun.

Math centers

In math class we have math centers,there were a lot of math centers ,I and my friend did a challenge where we had to find out if we zero is real,that was a hard one.

 So there we had to research if zero is real the answer may shock you it does but in a perspective only.We had another question if infinity that was only one of the six centers that were the hardest one to do so after a while there was a problem I was arguing with my partner if it’s true or not and in the end it’s the same answer which is,only in a perspective.It was frustrating because there was so much to do but not much time.

 So, in conclusion, we learned a lot of facts in one center only so in the future we could help other people with the skills we learned at a young age.

What math center would you make?