Performing Arts Music Video

Performing arts music video

So I know you are asking me why I am doing this again because we finished the video and now you can watch it on youtube.

So we worked hard on it recording and editing so let me explain if you did not read the last one so in performing arts our class had to make a music video.I was in the camera group which does the recording.The creative team was two weeks late so we did not really have time.When we did the recording we sent it to the editing team which took their time.It was finally done which is so good.There in recording we had to walk to all the sets and then record check it then go to next and until we are done we also had to use the camera correctly which is not always easy so now you know what will happen in a video and what we did.It was frustrating because there would always be one problem, for example, one of the groups were 3 weeks late on their work but in the end, we could make it but had to cut two scenes.