Math centers

In math class we have math centers,there were a lot of math centers ,I and my friend did a challenge where we had to find out if we zero is real,that was a hard one.

 So there we had to research if zero is real the answer may shock you it does but in a perspective only.We had another question if infinity that was only one of the six centers that were the hardest one to do so after a while there was a problem I was arguing with my partner if it’s true or not and in the end it’s the same answer which is,only in a perspective.It was frustrating because there was so much to do but not much time.

 So, in conclusion, we learned a lot of facts in one center only so in the future we could help other people with the skills we learned at a young age.

What math center would you make?


5A class roomsetup

The first time we stepped into the class it was just blank with tables and empty display boards so the first thing we did was make to groups and design  parts of the classroom.

   My group’s job was to make the tables design. The others groups were areas,display boards, and the door etc.We had many ideas for what to do after a while we got the idea that the teacher can go into the middle of the classroom and we can easly see it ,we also learned that learning environment can impact learning.So we made a design and showed it to the class and the class told us some problems so we had to make a new design.I learned that it is a lot harder to make a good class room design than most people would think.

At the end, all the jobs were completed the classroom looks great and we finally made a design for tables.

This was our final design for the Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.35.43 PM


What would your design be?                

BookClub in school

A few weeks ago we had started our book club there we had different groups, my group was reading the book ”When You Reach Me”, it is a very exciting book.

 There I learned that the book is more interesting than the cover and the first sentence, here is a short blurb;

 Your friend gets kicked, you know every part of the way home like the group of boys or the crazy man in the corner you start gettings note in all different in places which you don’t expect.

 The book is very good, our group is having a blast reading the book so I hope in the future that I can have as many of mysterious books.

 What book would you read and talk with friends about?Cr4t2YCUMAEkmBU


我是Marcel Koerner。