Sounds of CDNIS

Describe the process of this assignment. 
There were many parts of the process in creating the Sounds of CDNIS assignment. The first step was to go around the school and start looking for sounds that you could use altogether to make great music with different loops(Pre-made sounds that Apple made). The song that I was making also was required to have two MIDI(Melodic) tracks and a pre-made drum track. The four altered soundtracks that we were required to have had to have 3 sounds and a teacher’s voice. The reason for the project was to allow us to learn different ways of music since last year we only learned how to play music in the real world. So this year we are learning how to do it digitally and make music using different plugins and therefore altered music.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. 
The four sounds that I had to alter until they were almost completely unrecognisable. The first sound was of me slamming the door shut and with the help of a phaser and compressor. That made the sound altogether different and extremely unrecognisable. The following sound was from a caution wet floor sign being slammed shut. By using a compressor, phaser and echo, I was able to make an extremely flexible beat. The third sound was from a fork being dropped onto the floor, which was able to make a nice metallic sound. With the help of a noise gate, rotor cabinet, space designer and finally an echo, I was able to make it sound like a heavy object repeatedly being dropped into the floor. The last of the sounds were from a teacher saying “Keep up the good work Marcel!” By using a lot of plugins like a bit crusher, compressor, phaser and finally a noise gate, I was able to make it sound like a broken radio.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
There were a lot of different skills learned this year from music class, for example, this year was the first year in the upper school music class where we learned how to use different plugins. We did not only learn how to use them but also what they do and how they work. The melodic track was also something new that we learned this year, not only does the melodic track help make music without requiring the user to actually know how to play the instrument. The melodic track also helped teach me how to make a good beat because of the huge variety of different instruments and the ability to easily test each one. The last skill I learned was how to use loops, the loops helped me do the first thing in the new unit easily since there are hundreds if not thousands of loops stored in GarageBand.


What challenges did you face and overcome? 
There were a lot of challenges that I had to face and overcome. The simplest of the challenges was to learn how to use loops effectively and to know when two pieces of music match. The next thing that was a challenge was doing the first summative, which was researching all of the plugins and write down in your own words what they mean and how do work. The next challenge was how to use MIDI tracks and I had great trouble with that since the first time I tried to make Up On The Housetop I somehow managed to make the music on the wrong bar therefore completely wrong, so I had to redo it. Finally, I had to use the plugins in the summative song and I had trouble choosing the correct plugin for the genre that I was using (Electronic). The final problem was finding a good drummer and choosing where to put him or her and where.

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