Grade 8 Science Credible Science

What are things that I did in this experiment that allowed me to become a better scientist?
I learnt to become a better scientist by having 3 trials and re-doing the trials when necessary. For example, the first trial was redone because the timer was off by a couple of seconds. Which would make the entire experiment false because of that inconsistency.

Another thing I learned is to measure the dependent variable using a better method. This can be done by having more controlled variable to minimise inconsistency. Another way to do that is to have every step planned out. By planning everything and using the steps you would be able to fix most mistakes.

The scientific method is a very important step to convert your experiment to a credible source. The scientific method works by Making an observation then asking a question. Form a hypothesis or testable explanation. Make a prediction based on your hypothesis. Test the prediction Explain your findings.

The scientific method helps people make an informed decision by allowing people to know the general way that the experiment was made with and knowing that the experiment would be repeatable. Which is why almost all experiments have to use it.

The scientific method helps the advancement of the world by making sure no one just makes up an invention or chemical so they can get some fame. The scientific method also helped make a lot of the world advancement by giving people some ideas for what to do by just changing the variables.


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