Project Genesis – Criteria Di

I started this assignment by writing the proposal for my mashup, I wrote about my goals, my step-by-steps, and my requirements. These helped me to get a basic understanding of what I wanted and what I needed in my mashup. Then I did my research on mashups, I learnt quite a few things from the videos I watched. The information I collected definitely gave me a more in depth understanding of how I am going to make the mashup, this step helped me a lot in my final steps. Then, I picked out my songs and genre I was going to use. I already had a genre in mind (Kpop) and I decided to listen to a few of my favourite songs and see if they would match well together in a mashup. This step overall was quite easy, since my taste in music is quite simple. After that, I downloaded the songs I chose. Then, I actually started doing work on garage band. This was the hard part, I put my songs in garage band. And I started to listen for parts that I thought would blend well together and I slowly matched pieces together and made a not very good mashup.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… 
I would say that I did an okay job in fulfilling the requirements I put out for myself. I got it to be over 2:30 minutes long, it also had 5 songs which was the minimum I gave myself. I also used some techniques I learned from previous summative and assignments. But the part that I struggled in the most was connecting the songs together which was probably the most important part. I had a really hard time trying to match the songs together with their lyrics and beats, since the songs I chose were kinda different, and since I don’t know Korean. I had a very hard time trying to connect the lyrics and beats to make a smooth transition and not gonna lie it sounds terrible.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
I learned something new again in this assignment. I learned about bpm, beats and all their importances and stuff. I found this very useful in my mashup, but it was hard to get a grasp of it. The songs would sound odd when sped up or slowed down, so I had a difficult time trying to find a perfect pace for all the songs. Another thing I learned, was how important time management is. Not gonna lie, my time management sucks. That’s why I had struggled throughout the assignment since I couldn’t manage time well. I had been all over the place, but when I finally got a hold of my time management I think the process of making the mashup became a little easier and smoother. Another thing I learned is self-control, this is another thing I suck at. The temptation fo going off task at home, when no one looking is pretty tempting. Well, I couldn’t control myself. But when I finally snapped out of it, the making of the mashup became a little better. I


What challenges did you face and overcome. 
As I said before, I faced problems like time management. I suck at managing my time, I have no sense of how fast time goes and how much time i’m using. So I had a hard time trying to plan out my time table (which didn’t really work), I overcame this challenge by just writing out my tasks, and estimating the time I am going to need. This helped me since I was a little behind and wanted to catch up. Another challenge I faced was self-control, the temptation was just too big. I couldn’t focus on one thing and I would just go watch other things instead. I overcame this by setting up reminders, to remind me to get back to work. I also gave myself little breaks in between, so I could get my focus on something else. Another thing is that there is so much work from other classes, that I kept procrastinating to do this one because I thought the due date was later. So I ended up having less time than I preferred to have to work on this assignment, but it was fine.

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