the proposal

What is the goal of your assignment?
My goal for this assignment is to create a mashup of some of my favorite songs that sounds somewhat decent.


Why this project? 
I have always been a fan of mashups, and I have always wanted to try and create one myself, see how the process is.


Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal.
1. finish these question 2. start doing research for the assignment 3. choose the style of songs 4. choose the actual song 5. put them in garageband and start actually editing and making the mashup 6. let some friends or classmates listen to it and receive some feedback 7. hand it in on google classroom 8. write reflection on other google form 9. put it all on my blog


What do you hope to learn? 
I hope to learn the process of making a mashup, and what tools on garageband are used to make a good mashup. I also want to better my time management and try to redeem myself from my last summative, since my time management wasn’t the best. I also hope to learn some new tools and accessories on garageband that I could use for future projects. The last thing I want to learn is how to smoothly connect songs that sounds pleasing, like how the beat and lyrics can fit together.


What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product? 
– have 5 or more songs
– be at least 2:30 long
– have smooth transitions between songs
    – the lyrics
    – the beats
– use some of the techniques learned in previous assignments

culminating assignment – sounds of cdnis

Describe the process of this assignment.

The assignment was to create a 2-minute sing created out of 4 sounds of cdnis with 4 loops, 2 software machine, and a drum track. The process of this assignment was quite long, it started with us doing the previous summative where we had to give a description and explanation of how the plug-ins worked. Throughout that summative, it gave me a basic idea of how the plug-ins worked and how it sounded. After that, we had one lesson to go around the school to collect different sounds we could find or produce. These sounds later would be the main point of the assignment. After collecting all the sounds, I had to pick out 4 out of the 12 I collected to actually use in my assignment. In the 12 sounds, I chose one of me stepping on a loose tile, creating a really unique and addicting sound. I also chose one of me dribbling a basketball, this sound was really common and familiar to our ears so I wanted to see how the plug-ins could change it up. The third sound I chose was one of the water fountains, the water sound was really soothing and unique and it has a different vibe from the previous two which I really liked and thought would fit in with the song. The last sound was of Mr. Leung (our science teacher) saying “so you might say, scientific knowledge has been tested to a higher degree.”, I cut this part out from a 2-minute lecture because I felt like this would really suit the vibe of the song I was imagining in my head. After choosing my sounds, I opened a new garage-band file, I added them in and started editing them with the plugins I researched. After editing the plug-ins, the sounds I chose turned out really different from the original, but it had a nice vibe to it which I really liked. After that, I started listening to different loops to see if they fit any of the sounds I chose. I was scrolling through all of the loops before finding one that I thought would fit with the loose tile one, the beat in the loop and the beat in the loose tile were quite similar so I thought they would sound perfect together. I also found a similar beat for the dribbling basketball sound one which was perfect. I found a nice beat that really suited the water fountain vibe, it was more aggressive compared to the water, the contrast I really like. With the teacher audio, I split it up into smaller pieces and then played it over and over again to create another ick beat which turned out to really suit the song. I also added some software machine music, which added the cherry on top of the song. It really finished up the missing touches of the song. After that, the song was basically finished, I exported it and added it to my blog then submitted it in.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.

In the 12 sounds I recorded around the school, I chose one of me stepping on a loose tile, creating a really unique and addicting sound. I also chose one of me dribbling a basketball, this sound was really common and familiar to our ears so I wanted to see how the plug-ins could change it up. The third sound I chose was one of the water fountains, the water sound was really soothing and unique and it has a different vibe from the previous two which I really liked and thought would fit in with the song. The last sound was of Mr. Leung (our science teacher) saying “so you might say, scientific knowledge has been tested to a higher degree.” The sounds were the main point of my end product, without it my song would sound crappy. The water fountain sound was really soothing, but when paired with a more up-beat beat, it turned into another vibe. It also had a little scratch noise in the end, which I used a lot throughout the song, it added some repetition which I personally really like and thought really fitted with the song. The loose tile sound also used for repetition and to create a familiar sound when listening to it. I cut up some parts of the sound and added it throughout the song. The basketball dribble one sounded really unique compared to the rest of the sound, and I thought that it added an addicting sound to the song. The teacher sound really different after edited, I also split and used some of the words to create a familiar sound to the audience’s ear. Overall, I would say without the sounds of CDNIS, my song would sound completely different.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

Throughout this assignment, I learned a lot of different skills in the garage band which I found really useful. For example, how to use plug-ins, I never knew they existed till we had to do research about it. I found learning how to use plug-ins quite useful if you were editing your song and wanted to add something different. I also learned how to produce a song with mostly raw sounds. I never thought I could do this before, I never considered myself a producer or anything quite near that, so I put a lot of effort to actually making my song decent, and I think it didn’t turn out that bad. I also learned about time management, I wouldn’t say I am the best at managing time, I always procrastinate and push my assignments till the end. This time, I knew I couldn’t do that since I have never done this and needed more time to adapt to it. I learned to organize my time well, and plan out when I should have my things done. I would say overall, this assignment, my learning quite good. I used my time well, did everything necessary, and learned new skills on the garage band.

What challenges did you face and overcome?

Some challenges I faced were struggling to produce sounds when it came to software machine. I didn’t know how to produce a good sound with the software machine that would suit my song, the notes were also confusing, I kept messing it up and had to re-do it over and over again. But in the end, I think I got the hang of it and produce a beat that would fit the song and give it a nice touch. I also had trouble when it came to actually make the end product, I had a difficult time finding loops which I thought would match with my sounds. I spent too much time listening to loops, and after finding the right loop, I didn’t know how to edit it to make it sound like an actual song and not just a water fountain and a beat machine. I would say I am still a beginner at the garage band and that’s why I had a hard overall with this assignment. But I guess I managed, I asked a few friends and explored myself a little, which helped and finally made something that sounds like song. Another thing is that I forgot to save it once, but it was in the beginning and I had anything rarely done which was a relief. That taught me a lesson to always remember to save your work once finished.

ukulele song – your choice!

Q1. How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? 
there were some parts of my recording that were similar to the original song, for example, the time signature I kept the same ( 4/4 ), I turned on the metronome to make sure that my recording was on the beat. the key of tune I also kept the same ( c ). I also kept the strumming pattern the same ( i searched it up ), the strumming pattern was d-d-u-u, at first it was quite hard to adjust to this pattern since the pattern I was used to was different. in my recording, my style was also kept the same. the style of the original song was a more upbeat and hip-hop song, it wasn’t easy because the last ukulele assignment I did was more of a slower and down to earth song so this was different. it took time to adjust since it was faster and requires more note changing, but in the end, I got the hang of it.
Q2. How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? 

there were also some parts which I kept different, for example, the tempo, the tempo was quite fast in the original song, but in my recording, I slowed it down a bit for me to have an easier time switching between notes and getting used to my new strumming pattern. there were times in my recording where I got a bit off beat and something slipped, compared to the original song, mine was offbeat and some parts of my singing, strumming were not together. there were also times where I struggled with singing, so compared to the original song, I would say mine was a lot different from it. something different to the original song was that I added the “hand smacking”, I added this because the beat was supposed to add and match up to my singing and strumming, it was to make it sound better.

Q3. Ukulele Skills… 
there were a lot of ukulele skills I acquired during this assignment, for example, I learned new notes ( am ), this note wasn’t really hard to learn to remember so it was really easy for me to get used to it. I also learned a new strumming pattern ( d-d-u-u ), it was quite confusing for me to remember it since this was new and different from the strumming pattern I use to use. I also learned how to switch between notes quickly, for example, I had to change from being to g which was hard for me since I couldn’t get into the finger position for g and would take forever. but during this assignment, I would say that my note switching has improved a lot.
Q4. Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use
during this summative, I didn’t acquire as many GarageBand editing skills as I did during the first summative since I was completely new to it. I used cutting to put the recordings into the right beat and place so it would sound nice. I also dragged the recordings to make it longer to make all the recordings the same length and how long it is. there were also some parts in the song where I had a little hard time with, there was this part in the song where I couldn’t get it right, so I just recorded all the notes and put it together which was much harder since you need to know how long it should be and where it should go and how it would fit in with the rest of the recordings.
Q5. Time management for your project

my time management wasn’t the best or wasn’t the worse during this project, even though I recorded and edited my recording last minute, I would say that my time management has definitely improved since last time. I did do my reflection/google form and hand in my recording on time unlike last time but there is definitely some room improvement.

Q6. Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) 
 I would say that my independent learning was strong, I did hand in my recording on time and got all my things done on time. I was considerably responsible during this summative, I handed everything on time, did everything I was supposed even though some might not be my best work. I did do “independent work” but most of the time and I had a buddy beside me to accompany and help me since we both are doing the same song. she also helped me a lot for the coming to my recording and my ukulele skills, she helped me practice for my recording and made sure both of our recordings was okay.

it’s uke to me – amazing grace

my song – amazing grace

Q1. what is the key of your tune? Time Signature?

key of tune: c major
time signature: 3/4

Q2. what sort of rhythms are used in your song?

most of the rhythms in amazing grace were half notes and some quarter notes. there were also some eighth notes in bar six and eleven and some half note with a dot (three beats) in bar seven and fifteen.

Q3. discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to your strumming and melodic playing…

~this was before my laptop broke~

before my laptop broke, i recorded the melody and strumming, i wouldn’t say it was perfect but there could be improvements. my melody, strumming and note and rhythm didn’t really add up. my note accuracy were a bit off, since i might have messed up a few notes and my rhythm was also off since sometimes i would go a but faster and then a little slower. the metronome did help, but i would still get confused and miss a beat. overall, i would say that my note accuracy and my rhythm accuracy were not the best and there is definitely room for more improvement.

Q4. what Ukulele skills have you acquired?

changing notes was one of the many skills i acquired, even though i kind of knew how to switch between notes, i was not fast enough since there were a lot of changing notes. i practiced hard and when i switch notes now, i can do it much faster and much smoother than before. i also learned a new strumming method, the island strum, my group and i originally wanted to use the island strum for our presentation but it didn’t turn our well so we just decided to use the original and simple strumming method. i also learned *new* notes, the notes in amazing grace were g, c and a, even though i did learn these in previous years in lower school, i didn’t really know which was which.

Q5. how did you decide your tempo to match your song and style?

~this was before my laptop broke~

the tempo of amazing grace was much more solemn because it is a church song, so i had slow my strums and make it a little softer. unlike other songs, like up on the house, amazing grace is a much more peaceful and slow song. to make my song fit in with the style, i had to make my strumming slower and a lot softer. i changed my tempo to a lot slower, my recording turned out a bit wonky, but it did somewhat sounded slow and “church like” song and style. i would say that my recording did somewhat fit in, but i could have definitely made it slower and softer to make it even more slow and solemn.

Q6. how did you use the editing tools in Garageband? Editing, cutting, flex-time, trimming… 

~this was before my laptop broke~

when i was editing my strumming and my melody, i found out that they weren’t exactly on beat. so i had to cut and put them in the right bar, so it would sound right. also, when i was recording my strumming, i went a little too slow since i got a little confused with the switching between c and g. so i used flex time and cutting to make it longer and make it in the correct time / beat. when i was recording, i had this little pause since i got confused on where i was, so i trimmed that part out and put it pack in the right bar / time slot and it sounded much better.

Q7.Discuss the recording process; did you have any concerns or issues?

i did have a lot of concerns but not as much issues, at first i was kind of concerned that i would mess up my recording since i was not very good at ukulele, i thought i would strum the wrong thing or miss a lot of beats, but then i realised that i could use the editing tools on garage band to fix them which made life a whole lot easier. there weren’t a lot of issues, but i had mainly one. which was, it took forever for me to learn how to use garage band and understand everything and all the tools they had. everything was just so confusing, but in the end after asking some friends and some google searches, i think i got the hang of garage band.

My Design Logo

This is my logo:

J and C are my initials, it stands for Jace Chan. The crown in the logo just represents how timeless it is. The baby blue color in the logo is my favorite color and the yellow represents how I am always happy and bubbly. As you can see, I accidentally made a pi sign in it, I didn’t mean to. pi means math and I wouldn’t I like math. My logo is timeless, the crown represents how timeless it is. The logo is appropriate, it represents me since it is my initials. My logo is very memorable, you just have to remember J and C. My logo is simple, it’s only my name and a crown, it can’t get any simpler.