PA ~ Light Painting

Dear Readers,

In Performing Arts, we learnt about the dance unit.  It was really fun to learn how to perform different dance m0ves with patterns.  The purpose of doing the dance unit was to use your body to represent patterns.  In my group, there are four members: Leah, Eugenio, DL and myself.  We will use glow sticks to create different patterns at the end of our video. Our group will be taping on duct tape to attach the glow sticks onto our inner and outer legs and arms.  After we attach the glow sticks to ourselves, we are going to perform various dance steps to create a gigantic pattern in the end. 

We enjoyed brainstorming different steps for our dance and came up with some fabulous patterns and several boring ones. Not everyone fully participated in the brainstorming, but we did try our best to work well together. Our dance was successful because we managed to get our ideas together and make our patterns work! The whole process was incredibly amazing because it was so much fun !

Persuasive Argument Skit Reflection

           Today , we made a Persuasive Argument Skit.  We went into a group  four and my team mates were Bianca, Nadia,Patrick and me.  Bianca, Nadia, Patrick and me wanted to do a skit about convincing our parents to get a dog. Bianca was the dad, I  was the mom, Nadia was the daughter and Patrick was the son. We did it because we wanted  to try out different camera angles. We used a tripod to help us record our film.  I learnt how to to take videos from different angles.  This technique will help me in the future to advertise a product or to take other videos.  I took action by being in the film and doing things that I would not always do.