Unité 1 Parlez- vous francais – critères C et D a l’oral

Task : create a role play to include all of the information you have learned since the beginning of the year.

What were some challenges? 

Some challenges found difficult were pronunciations, I found that I need to work on my “qu” and “s” sounds. Other than that, Helena and I could not find a quiet place to film our recording. This was quite hard because our school is very busy and noisy. We also practiced a lot but didn’t quite have a lot of time to practice the last parts and so it was kind of hard to understand.

Time management 

I think I could have done much better on time management if we had known that we didn’t have much time to record during class time. Therefore, we had to record in the morning when it was very noisy.

Work ethic of partner 

I think me and Helena are very different, but we are friends and we made this work easily. Since we sit together during lunch and recess we also discussed about it and practice.


I feel like I need to work on this a lot because some words on our script were really hard and were words that we haven’t learned yet. Next time, I should just practice it more and ask the teacher if I am unsure on a word or do not know it.

Was your partner easy to work with?

Yes because we cooperate very well in class and spend our time in class very well. We also had the same ideas so we just agreed to everything and tried to put as much information as we could to make it longer.

What did I learn?

I learnt how to write a script in french for the first time and read out a script in french. I’m really glad that I did this summative because I learnt so much and now I am more confident in talking in french.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Here is my recording:

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? *
The song I chose was somewhere over the rainbow. My recording is the same as the original song because in the song, they already used a ukulele and our summative is about ukulele. I also used the same melody, chords and lyrics. I think that if I didn’t use the same melody, chords and lyrics then the song would have been completely different. I chose this song because since when I was little I already knew this song, but I did not know how to play it on the ukulele. Therefore I had to learn it but it was still easier to learn as I knew the tune and melody of the song.
How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? *
My recording is different than the original song because I used different software instruments than they did in the song. Unlike in the original, I used steinway grand piano, acoustic guitar, glass bells, smart strings, clarinet and the drums. I also did not sing the whole song and I kind of just repeated the chorus two times. This is because I did not know how to play the next part and could not find a tutorial on how to play the next part. I think that the things I did differently help my recording more interesting with the different software instrument and a different lyric.
Ukulele Skills… *
I didn’t really learn any new ukulele skills as I started learning ukulele in grade 5 when the school started teaching us the ukulele. Although, I did learn how to improve my ukulele skills I have learnt. A ukulele skill I think I improved on was my playing. Before, I would always accidentally strum the wrong notes or accidentally press the wrong strings. Now I have improved this because in music class I watched tutorials on my song and I practiced it a lot during class when we are preparing for our song and sometimes I would come to the music room during lunch practice or start recording.
Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… *
Before this summative, I did not know how to use a software instrument. But during this we had to learn to be able function and know how to use the software instrument. I learnt this myself before Mr. O’Toole taught the class because I thought I would get a head start on practicing the software function and getting help if I needed it. On editing, I also started early because like I said earlier, I already knew the song so I only had to learn the ukulele part and start recording. I thought this would be more helpful because while everyone else is preparing for their recording, I was already in the recording room recording so I wouldn’t have to line up as much. I recorded my song with individual chords because I think that it will be more effective and so I can edit it at home and just play it at school.
Time management for your project… *
I did pretty well on time management because I tried to be prepared and work in my home time. Even though I don’t have a ukulele at home, I watched the tutorials at home and kind of get what the chords are then record it easily at school the next day. I also occasionally come during lunch recess to record and so I don’t need to stress about it. I also did keep track that if I quickly finished the ukulele part I can do everything at home. I think this plan was very effective because I completed this summative on time and everything I wanted it to help with and I am very happy the ending result.
Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) *
I think I did very well on taking responsibly in my learning. This is because like said above, I have planned everything out very well before I started this summative. I have watched tutorial videos, and music sheets helping me. Sometimes, I also come to the music room during lunch recess to record and be sure that I am ready and check it with Mr. O’Toole. This is a very important part of this summative because if I didn’t keep track of time and not planed my steps and when I wanted these tasks done, I would have failed this summative and would have nothing to hand in.
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Amazing Grace – Ukulele

What is the key of your tune? Time Signature? *
The key of Amazing grace is C major and the time signature is 3-4.
What sort of rhythms are used in your song? *
The rhythms used in Amazing grace are half notes, quarter notes and whole notes.
Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to your strumming and melodic playing… *
I think that I had good note accuracy because I have recorded my song over a few times until the notes are not bad. In my strumming, I just recorded it one by one and then copy and pasted it so that I would have enough time to complete and edit my whole song.
What Ukulele skills have you acquired? *
I have acquired new strumming skills and new notes and how to explore different songs. I played the ukulele last year in grade 6, so this is kind of a review. But this summative has also taught me time management and how to play the ukulele better in general.
How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? Did the context of the song change because of this? *
I decided that my tempo matched my song and style because Amazing grace is kind of a sad but very strong song. Therefore, I decided that a slow steady tempo would match this song.
How did you use the editing tools in Garageband? Editing, cutting, flex-time, trimming, plugins… *
I used the trimming a lot because my playing wasn’t on time so Mr. O’Tool had to help me. For the strumming, I just played a few strums and copy and pasted the ones that matched. In the future, I think that if I ever record something like this again, I think that I should record it more on time so that I even my time out and don’t spend too much time editing.
Discuss your recording process; did you have any concerns or issues? *
In my process of recording, I didn’t have a big struggle because I started early before there were long line ups to the recording rooms. So, I had more time to record and edit. Me and my friends also came in during lunch to record and ask you to help us so that we could finish it in time.

My instrument choice

I have decided that i would like to learn the instrument flute for music. I chose to learn the flute because my sister plays the flute and she told me that it was very fun and interesting. Therefore, I think that it will be a very fun experience.

Here are some tutorials on how to play flute :

Here are some resources i found :

Finally Sharing What I Know!

Exhibition was a very fun journey and experience. I learned a lot throughout this process.  Most importantly, I was able to learn more about dog abuse, something that I am passionate about.

I feel most proud of my action because it was quite challenging for me to think of an action and in the end the workshop was very successful and all the people that came to my stall really liked the logo stickers.

Alexis & I shared a display together since we have the same milestones and our topic were both based on abuse (Animals). I displayed some pictures that represented dog abuse and explained the meaning behind them to the audience. I also displayed my journey, things that represent my workshop (A video and a decorated picture frame as an example of what people did during the workshop), my process journal and my box of stickers. It felt good to be able to express my findings to a curious  audience.

I feel that the presentation days were a bit easier than I expected since not many people asked questions about my exhibition. I am very glad that many people came to me & Alexis stand because then  we hope that they will raise awareness and be more aware of our issue. We both received some feedback that could help us improve, but we also received some positive feedback.

If i could go back in time and do exhibition again i would design my logo stickers so that it makes it more obvious that i am not supporting dog abuse and i am against dog abuse. I would have managed my time better so that i could make the outcome better than it already is. Even though i feel like i have done this to the best of my ability i still think that i could have done a little more if i know the outcome. I would also like to have kept my topic because our Transdisciplinary Theme is “Who we are” and i am a Dog Lover and a Dog Owner so i feel this is Who I Am and this would fit well for my exhibition topic since i am also aware of this issue and i wanted to try and raise awareness.

Attacked by a beehive!

Dear readers,

Last week I went to camp from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th of November. My camp teacher was Ms. Cheung, she is the teacher of 6E. In my camp group there was  Alexis, Jonathan, Darren, Tayne, Elsa, Anne-Marie, Nate, Hayden and Carlos.

I really liked the way that when the people in my group got stung, some other people that didn’t,  tried to help. I wish i had known that someone stepped on the beehive because then we could have ran towards the back wouldn’t have gotten stung by a whole hive of bees. Luckly, Only me and Alexis got stung several times as well as the camp instructors & two other people got stung once. I still need work on being more of a risk taker.


Learning Space

Hello Readers,

       My home learning environment  feels quiet so i can concentrate on my task. But i like to listen to music as well because helps me feel like i can finish my task. It looks like something like this, except it is longer and wider and has more drawers throughout. What i could do to improve as a learner from my learning space is to maybe feel comfortable . This is the end of what my home learning space looks like. Thank you for reading my blog post.