Finally Sharing What I Know!

Exhibition was a very fun journey and experience. I learned a lot throughout this process.  Most importantly, I was able to learn more about dog abuse, something that I am passionate about.

I feel most proud of my action because it was quite challenging for me to think of an action and in the end the workshop was very successful and all the people that came to my stall really liked the logo stickers.

Alexis & I shared a display together since we have the same milestones and our topic were both based on abuse (Animals). I displayed some pictures that represented dog abuse and explained the meaning behind them to the audience. I also displayed my journey, things that represent my workshop (A video and a decorated picture frame as an example of what people did during the workshop), my process journal and my box of stickers. It felt good to be able to express my findings to a curious  audience.

I feel that the presentation days were a bit easier than I expected since not many people asked questions about my exhibition. I am very glad that many people came to me & Alexis stand because then  we hope that they will raise awareness and be more aware of our issue. We both received some feedback that could help us improve, but we also received some positive feedback.

If i could go back in time and do exhibition again i would design my logo stickers so that it makes it more obvious that i am not supporting dog abuse and i am against dog abuse. I would have managed my time better so that i could make the outcome better than it already is. Even though i feel like i have done this to the best of my ability i still think that i could have done a little more if i know the outcome. I would also like to have kept my topic because our Transdisciplinary Theme is “Who we are” and i am a Dog Lover and a Dog Owner so i feel this is Who I Am and this would fit well for my exhibition topic since i am also aware of this issue and i wanted to try and raise awareness.

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