Attacked by a beehive!

Dear readers,

Last week I went to camp from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th of November. My camp teacher was Ms. Cheung, she is the teacher of 6E. In my camp group there was  Alexis, Jonathan, Darren, Tayne, Elsa, Anne-Marie, Nate, Hayden and Carlos.

I really liked the way that when the people in my group got stung, some other people that didn’t,  tried to help. I wish i had known that someone stepped on the beehive because then we could have ran towards the back wouldn’t have gotten stung by a whole hive of bees. Luckly, Only me and Alexis got stung several times as well as the camp instructors & two other people got stung once. I still need work on being more of a risk taker.


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